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  1. ThatDevAaron

    Explaining why the lag-back & block hit type glitch is occurring.

    Hello MCGamer Community, I am Aaron / Shprqness, a few days ago I noticed something which opened my eyes to why players have been experiencing the following things: When Running or Climbing a Ladder or Running over Slabs players will start getting rubber banded and, or lagged back. When in a...

    Sidebar GUI

    Hello, I have a suggestion for the server. I think that you should add a GUI where players can select their favourite sidebar. For example my favourite scoreboard is the 2014 one.
  3. MCSG PVP Montage - Berserk (3,000 Sub Special)

    MCSG PVP Montage - Berserk (3,000 Sub Special)

    Welcome to my 3rd Mcsg Montage, Berserk. A big Thank you to the editor xDuke This is the Link to his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDgxpPf5uMylOya...
  4. K

    SURVIVAL GAMES Some game balancing and ideas

    Hi all. This is gonna be a bit of a longer post that I hope will spark some conversation. So when I saw MCSG was back I was pretty hyped, and immediately went back to it, this was 5 days ago as of writing this post. I used to play way back in 2013- and 14, so before people really got super...
  5. | Mouse + Keyboard Cam! + 2vs1 Rodcrits

    | Mouse + Keyboard Cam! + 2vs1 Rodcrits

    Welcome back to another Episode of Minecraft Survival Games, today we are playing on the Map Valleyside University IP: eu.mcgamer.net My Twitter: https://twi...
  6. MCSG (McGamer) #44 | Montage Talk + MCSG is Broken!?

    MCSG (McGamer) #44 | Montage Talk + MCSG is Broken!?

    Welcome back today we are playing on the Map Alaskan Village IP: eu.mcgamer.net Resource pack used: Ching Chung Nihao Wasai if you really want it ask o.O
  7. MCSG (McGamer) #43 | GOD Fns? + Fighting NicoPr0! w/Aeclas

    MCSG (McGamer) #43 | GOD Fns? + Fighting NicoPr0! w/Aeclas

    Welcome back today we are playing on the Map Valleyside Univserty and Alaskan Village with Nate aka Aeclas Subscribe to Aeclas here: https://www.youtube.com/...


    this was a fun fishing trip :D Floxic - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4wGnaxzbiubsueZtvZTOOg
  9. MCSG (McGamer) #42 | Insane Challenge!

    MCSG (McGamer) #42 | Insane Challenge!

    Welcome back today we are playing on the Map Tewerean Survival Games 2 aka Drybone Valley IP: eu.mcgamer.net Resource pack used: ehh some halloween pack, if ...
  10. mcsg but with a knockback 40 carrot

    mcsg but with a knockback 40 carrot

    dude this is so OVERPOWERED. Leave a like for more videos like these! Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsFloxic Havent Subscribed yet? www.youtube....
  11. MCSG Montage - "Return"

    MCSG Montage - "Return"

    - More info below - Server IP: play.mcgamer.net Twitter: https://twitter.com/NinjaTavi Packs Used: Arctic 16x , and idk the other packs PC: i5 8400, RTX 2060...
  12. EditingXBL

    Three years on MCGamer.

    Some of you may know me, some of you may not... I used to talk this - "am king of hungry creft, fite me rn wit fns" Somehow it became popular, I got noticed by it, it wasn't really intended to be something but it did and it was fun. My signature got popular, too. :P But yeah, I can't really...
  13. SandStorm_


    Owners : Djimas // OptimusHexon Clan Battles Won: 0 Clan Battles Lose: 0 Clan Battles Play: 0 1) Nice micro. 2) You must me adequate. 3) You must be active. 4) You must tactful and good in pvp. Application Status: Open IGN: Skype: Nationality: CPS: Why do you want join Mirt...
  14. ImFraanco

    Athire [US]

    Information Founded: 17/09/2016 Founder: Narco-Franco Current Owners: Streeghz - NarcoGANGS Contact Skype: franco-capo1 Application Status: OPEN TeamSpeak: Application Minecraft IGN: Skype: Donor: Wins/Lost: Activity: Madure: Ping: Past Clans: Why do you want to join...
  15. 8YU


    old thread
  16. iSkyWave

    Undiscovered - [EU CLAN] [RO]

    Hello, my name is iSkyWave, the founder of "Undiscoverd". The majority of the clan members are from Romania, even me. I created this clan to play against other clans. The most important thing on this clan, is to be calm and happy, when you're happy, we are happy. IGN : Age (Must be over 12)...
  17. harleyiscariot

    I can't see chests in MCSG :(

    Is there something I'm missing or? I can't see chests at Corn or anywhere on any map. I'm on Minecraft 1.10.2.
  18. DragosTryHard

    Rebyx ϟ EU

    This is Rebyx [Eu Division] About us We are a EU division clan. We don't rage. We play for fun . We put the lose. Soo , that means... No fake-wins in this thread If the other guys put fake wins Is not our problem ;) That's the truth. Requierments To give ScreenShare...
  19. CrazyTaco

    MCSG 2014 Lobby - Change.org

    Hi i'm CrazyTaco or Hayden, and today I bring you something that will boast the MCGN's player amount! As you all know, the prime of mcsg was back in 2014. Although it may not seem big, reinstating the 2014 lobby (with the signs, and sg waiting lobby) would bring so many classic mcsg players...
  20. iMarkArt

    I want to be Admin to remove and get all the hackers

    I'm sick why there is no admin that Banie hackers or at least do something everything is empty and there is no poyo and would like to help can be full schedules if you take help I'll be there and everything to return to MCSG a place without hackers