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Sgappy's Mapping(Build) Team Applications


Apr 3, 2020
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What is your full name? Casper AoYu Song

What is your Minecraft IGN? (Include any alt accounts) Sgappy/Sqappy/Sgappy_YT

What is your Date of Birth? April20th 2004 ( I wrote 2003 in my profile because it says I didn't reach the age limit ) I'm currently 15 years old.

What is your email? [email protected]

What is your Discord name? (Please include the whole name EG: Username#1234) Sgappy#0782

What timezone are you located in? (EU, NA, OCE, AS) China GMT+8

What position(s) are you applying for? (Builder, Terraformer, Redstoner) Builder & Terraformer

Have you worked as part of a build team before? If yes, please list them and describe your role in those teams. Yes, tapple.world - Builder, server owned by TapL, and kidgappy.net - Owner/Head builder, server owned by me and Kid.

Please provide examples of your past work in your area of expertise (in an imgur album)
Why do you want to be a part of our team? I'm intending to become a highly-skilled builder. I want to gain more experience and as well as improving my skill on building. I want to communicate with other people and sharing ideas. I can also help pass on information about building and make the server capable of harder designs. And I will be a big achievement for me to work on this server.

Do you have experience using World Edit and/or Voxel Sniper? Yes.

Are you currently a part of any other build teams? Yes.

If you answered yes above, please list it. I am currently still working in tapple's build team, and I have my own build team.

Do you understand that everything you build when on the build team server is property of MCGamer, and may not be taken/used anywhere else? Yes.

Do you understand that all of MCGamers rules apply on the build team server/discord, and a breach of of those may result in removal from the team and consequences on the network? Yes.

Have you ever been banned or muted on the MCGamer network for any reason? No.

Do you like cats? No, I like dog better.

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