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  1. Mauro

    SURVIVAL GAMES Please disable the anti cheat! - (Read the Thread!) - Poll!

    Hi everyone! Ever since MCGamer came back, I have noticed it has some kind of a new anti cheat system that directly interferes with players. If the anti cheat assumes the player is hacking it will remove him from the play or the player will be pushed back if his movements are illegal. (I can't...
  2. Juim1j

    MCSG [Cheating] What Mods Should and Shouldn't Be Allowed on the Server (Ever-Expanding!)

    So I'm gonna use this thread to give my feedback on the mods I used in the MCGamer Beta and hopefully this will help the development of the anti-cheat and make the game fairer for everyone. DISCLAIMER: Yes I did cheat in order to gather this data and the admins have already punished me for...
  3. Slayerkey

    Survival Games