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Ultra Hardcore SG

Ultra Hardcore SG

Fight with up to 23 other opponents in a game of MCSG... with some twists!

  • Genre Competitive
  • Complexity Moderate
  • Time Estimate

The Ultra Hardcore Survival Games is a fairly faithful spin on the original MCSG® that started it all. The main difference is that your health will not regenerate when your food is full; you must find golden apples in chests, or craft the player heads dropped by your fallen foes into valueable healing items. You may also find some unique chest loot, distinctive to this game mode: ranging from the equipment to spawn and ride horses, to blocks and tools that you can place around the map. You can't break the map, but you can place and break these blocks found in chests. You also won't spawn at the cornucopia- instead you will spawn randomly around the map. Spawning with your friends or teammates is also supported. After each round of Ultra Hardcore Survival Games, your in-game data is tracked on our global leaderboard system. The automated leaderboards will show you a variety of statistics, from the last games you've played, to your ratio of wins to losses. Check your gameplay statistics, view your friends leaderboard pages, and see how you stack up against players around the world. Do you have what it takes to come out on top?

Key Points: Rules & Gameplay

24 players will fight to the death in an expansive arena.
Eat, Run, and Attack in order to survive the match.
Find chests for food, items, weapons, and blocks to help you survive.
You can place and break blocks you find, but cannot break the map.
When only 3 players remain, a final Deathmatch will occur, pitting the survivors against each other in close quarters combat.
The last surviving player is crowned the winner.
View your stats, games, and global ranking on our Ultra Hardcore SG leaderboards.

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