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UHC Worlds

UHC Worlds

Do you have what it takes to survive?

  • Genre Competitive
  • Complexity High
  • Time Estimate

Ultra Hardcore is a challenging twist on the classic Survival gamemode. When your wounds do not heal with food, every heart of health you have becomes sacred. Scavenge for supplies to create your equipment, and discover how best to survive in a randomly generated world. But be warned: resources are scarce, and your rivals are numerous. Do whatever it takes to survive in the gamemode that earns its title, Ultra Hardcore. So what’s so special about our UHC? With UHC Worlds, we have added our own unique spin on the popular game: Custom World Generation! Just as you would vote on a map in MCSG®, you can vote on different generators. These world generators will each offer different gameplay experiences, so adapt quickly to your ever-changing environments, and fight to come out on top! Do you have what it takes to survive? There are currently four available world generators in UHC Worlds: Vanilla: The Vanilla world generator is just as you would expect, the default minecraft generation. For the fans of standard uhc, gear up and hunt your gold and diamonds, enchant your gear and craft your golden apples. Amplified: Amplified worlds create amazing looking scenery and huge drops. I suggest watching where you walk. If you’re careful, you may even stay alive long enough to find other players and prove your skills! Skylands: Where in a standard generator you’d fall and hit the ground, you might not be so lucky in the Skylands. The skylands generator is the first of our two initial custom generators; the sky island generation places mineshafts, villages, dungeons, and denser ores in your path, creating obstacles, goals and rewards at every turn. This fast-paced world type leads to shorter, more intense games. Warped: The second of our custom world generators, this world generator takes the atmosphere of the nether and expands upon it to create a truly unique world. Withstand the heat and you might walk into the deathmatch fully kitted out with potions and enchantments, but get too greedy and you may end up face-to-face with a dose of poison!

Key Points: Rules & Gameplay

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