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Survival Games Solo

Survival Games Solo

Every player for themself in a game of the original MCSG!

  • Genre Competitive
  • Complexity High
  • Time Estimate

Survival Games Solo: SG for the lone wolves. In this variation of MCSG, teaming is prohibited and identities are masked to ensure an even playing field. No longer will you be able to overwhelm your foes with sheer numbers; now you will have to rely on your wits and skills alone. But don't feel safe just yet: with the intensity of either 12 or 24-player games, you will need to create every advantage you can if you hope to survive. But to the few who do, their victory will be recorded in the dedicated Survival Games Solo leaderboard for all to appreciate. Considered by many to be the purest form of MCSG, Solo SG delivers a distinct competitive experience with only one rule: "every man for himself."

Key Points: Rules & Gameplay

12 or 24 players will fight to the death in a solo game of MCSG.
Teaming in any form is disallowed. Users who team will be punished.
Every player will have their identities concealed to further prevent teaming.
Eat, Run, and Attack in order to survive the match.
When only 2 players remain, a final Deathmatch will occur, pitting the survivors against each other in close quarters combat.
The last surviving player is crowned the winner.
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