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Survival Bingo

Survival Bingo

Put your Survival skills to the test in an intense game of Bingo.

  • Genre Casual
  • Complexity Moderate
  • Time Estimate

Put your Survival skills to the test in an intense game of Bingo. Yes, the board game Bingo. The game starts with each player receiving a bingo card, where each space contains a challenge for you to complete. The challenges vary in task and difficulty, from killing a zombie to mining a Diamond. The first person to complete five challenges in a row wins! It’s a game of strategy, survival skills, and luck, but victory is well worth the challenge.

Key Points: Rules & Gameplay

Each player spawns on a Survival map with nothing but a Bingo card..
Each Bingo card has a series of tasks associated with each square of the card. These tasks are associated with the Survival gamemode, such as, “Kill 1 zombie” or “Mine 1 Diamond”.
Complete the task described on the card to fill in that square on the Bingo card. The center square of each card is filled in by default.
The first player to fill in a full column, row, or diagonal of squares on their Bingo card is deemed the winner.

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