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Party Time

Party Time

Four players will challenge each other in a round of seven exciting mini-games.

  • Genre Casual
  • Complexity Low
  • Time Estimate

What time is it? Party Time! Four players will challenge each other in a round of seven exciting mini-games. Test your speed, precision, and reflexes as you navigate an obstacle course, dodge roving minecarts, shoot targets with a bow and arrow, and more. Great for friends who want a set of fast games that everyone can enjoy.

Key Points: Rules & Gameplay

Platform Peril- Parkour across moving platforms to make your way to the finish line. Red wool gives you a boost, and soul sand slows you down. Punch people off to take the lead and get to the end first!
Lava Tile Isle- Stay alive while the blocks below you shift around. Try to knock other players off in an all-out brawl to the finish!
Triple Jump- The goal of the game is to jump the furthest distance. Double tap your jump button while in the air to activate extra jumps.
Platform Punch- Use your weapon to send your opponents flying off of the platform. Be the last one standing to win the round!
Ice Rink Risk- Avoid the moving minecarts that start in the center of the ice. If you get hit by a minecart, you are out. Knock players into the minecarts to sabotage their victory. The longer you stay alive, the more points you get!
Cast Aways- Fish for moving treasure in the sea. Each block is worth a different amount of points. Yellow wool is worth 1 point, gold blocks are worth 2 points, and chests are worth 5 points. Gain the most points before the time runs out to win the round!
Speed Shooters- In this game, you will need to time each bow shot perfectly to hit the targets. Green are worth 1 point, yellow are worth 3 points, orange are worth 5 points, and red are worth 7 points. The more points the blocks are worth, the faster they move. The player that scores the most points wins the round.

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