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First to the end wins, but watch out for the Zombies!

  • Genre Casual
  • Complexity Low
  • Time Estimate

Temple Run with a Minecraft twist! Start off each round as a Runner, running for your life as you stay ahead of the zombie horde behind you. As you run around the track, be sure to keep an eye out for the coins scattered along the way. When the next round starts, use the coins you have collected to purchase perks to help you move faster, jump further, and run better. Avoid zombies, grab coins, buy perks, and do whatever you can to stay on the track. But be warned: if a runner falls off the track, they join the zombie team. As a zombie, your goal is simple: ruin the runners’ day by knocking them all off the track. If a runner successfully makes it to the end of the track, the Runner team wins; if all runners are turned into zombies, then the Zombie team wins!

Key Points: Rules & Gameplay

Upon the round’s start, half of the players will spawn as runners, while the other half will spawn as zombies.
Runners must do whatever they can to stay on the track until they reach the end. Zombies must do whatever they can to knock the Runners off the track.
Runners can pick up coins scattered along the track in order to purchase perks, but if they fall off the track, they respawn as a Zombie.
The Runners win once a Runner reaches the end of the track. The Zombies win by knocking every Runner off the track and turning them into zombies.

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