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Hungry Games

Hungry Games

Survival of the fittest meets MCSG®. Will you survive?

  • Genre Casual
  • Complexity Moderate
  • Time Estimate

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Create to Survive. Hungry Games is a modification on the Survival Games formula with a crafting focus in mind. Utilizing the same 24 player arenas and PvP competition, players will find that their chests are not full of items, but raw building materials instead. Keep a workbench close and your sword closer as everything you will need to survive the round must be crafted from scratch. This necessity to craft your equipment adds another layer of sophistication to the Survival Games and encourages players to improvise and adapt in order to overcome their enemies. Be fast to the chests and smart with what you create, and you will dominate the arena before your rivals can craft their own fighting chance. In the Hungry Games, you must craft your own way to victory.

Key Points: Rules & Gameplay

SG gameplay with a builder focus.
Items in chests have been replaced with raw building materials.
Crafting and smelting are an utmost necessity in order to make equipment tools to use.
The last surviving player is crowned the winner.

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