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The Benjamin Religion, and logic.


May 4, 2012
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If you haven't heard, me, RC_4777, TheRandomMan1000, CaptButterToast and Plg21 (RC and Plg's Random Capt Squirrel Night) created the religion that instead of fanboying Benja, we fanboy Benjamin. RC autocorrected the benja in "in benja we trust" to "in benjamin we trust". So that replaces that. Then later that day, I pointed out a person with a domo skin. There are many of them, so we replaced bacca with domo, changing "in bacca we must" to "in domo we mustn't". We worship the Cake God and burn as sacrifices to him the unholy Pumpkin Pies. If anyone is caught eating one of those, even a team mate in a game, they are murdered (Random Man can attest to that :p).

During our game on SG1 where we found the Cake God, we surrounded him in eternal fires to give him power. Then Mr. RandomMan destroyed this fire and I was hungry so I ate the Cake. I was punished for my actions, but I have repayed the Cake God who returned in a game on SG2 telling RC to spread the word of his power, and the unholiness of the Pumpkin Pie.

The Cake God's formal name is really Benjamin, and the Pumpkin Pies are possessed by the evil domo, for all those of you who didn't know.

On Teweran SG2, the Ender Dragon egg is another religious item. The Ender egg is the real demon of hell. He controls Domo, and therefore is really the thing behind the possession of the unholy Pumpkin Pies. The Ender egg must be sacrificed in the honour of GLaDOS (from Portal). He must be sacrificed in a fire in GLaDOS's name, lest you want the fear inducing maxlupus to come after you in a crazy berserk rage.

3.14 is EVIL! :p

The story of the word Hun -
In a game of Breeze Island (I think) RC saw a person named Rainbow_Arbitar . A brief conversation ensued, which ended in Arbitar writing RC of a "Hun". While the word Hun was used as an abbreviation for the word Honey, a nickname a man sometimes calls his wife. The abbreviation hon, is usually used by a tired man once getting home from work; Generally to the common house wife. Arbitar was trying to call RC a house-wife.
The word Hun though, refers to a Mongol. Attila the Hun the Hun is particularly famous. Huns were generally viewed as barbaric hostile people, attempting to take over China 100's of years ago. That being said, Hun is still an insult, just an obscure one.
This lead to our religious leaders calling RC a hun, and then soon after, each other. Soon our general greetings became "Nub" "Hey dood" or "Hey Huns". We realized that Hun had stopped being an insult soon after, and decided that the word hun (note the loss of capitalization.) translates to "Person". It's commonly used in the names of our religious leaders.
I am Grand Chief Hun Master.

Religious Celebrations:

March 10th - Sentencing of the Baccas day. The day BajanCanadian (Benja) was banned unfairly for hacking.

April 13th-14th - The Return of Benja day. The days BajanCanadian released his new server.

May 2nd-3rd - Death to Benja and Jerome day. The day JeromeASF and BajanCanadian were permanently banned from the MCSG network. It is a sad day indeed, and a day of much mourning.

May 25th - The birthday of HoboQueen and her daughter HoboPrincess. The day we met HoboPrincess, at the celebration of their birthday in Hobbit Land.

So, a bit of logic behind the bacca changing to domo:
If you notice, the d in domo is the b in bacca flipped around. So that's how the first letter works. The 2 a's in bacca are the 2 o's in domo without the lines on the side if you write them without that top part that happens in this font. The 2 c's in bacca connected together and turned sideways make the m. Hence why bacca is domo in our religion :)
Here is the picture of our holy tree of SG2ness and stuff! The sacred place of this religion. Light it on fire and you get the cake god's hatred. The only way to get back in his trust is to show much loyalty and devotion to his great powers, and burning all pumpkin pies you come across.

The holy stone brick of CaptButterToast. Light this holy brick on fire for eternal gratefulness from the cake god, unless you betray it by eating pumpkin pie or becoming a domo.

The holy sacrificial location of SG2. In the forge with all the furnaces :)

Also, new clothing line! RC Baby Bacca Leather©. Pick yours up today.

The Order of Benjamin MCSG 'Clan'

Benjamin Religion Bible - By Lululioness

MCSG Strategy - Support Benjamin

We are allied with the mighty Narwhals of the sea! Praise for them too!

Now, everyone! The Grand Prayer!
In benjamin we trust, in domo we mustn't. The pumpkin pies we burn, the cakes we earn. The fires we light, the huns we fight, all in honour of Benjamin's might! With axe in hand and fire in heart, the domos we kill, the flames we start. No man will ever comprehend, the gifts of gods that Benjamin will send!

Matt_The Dreamer

Jul 31, 2012
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But I have studied these Baccas for years. I also want to be important so yeah.

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