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Staff Appreciation (Say Thanks!) Section is Open


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Mar 10, 2013
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Hey, it's not easy being a member of staff: all work, no pay, and the occasional drama. We devote a lot of time and effort into making MCSG a nice community to be a part of, but we are rarely thanked for our work and dedication. Everyone deserves recognition for their work, and it is important for the staff to know that the community- which the staff works so hard to support- appreciates them.

You can leave a thank-you note either in this link or in the link provided under Community Corner.
All responses will be available to view for members of staff. Please do not spam and please keep on topic. The responses are being monitored and moderated (by every single member of staff, no less), so please keep courteous.


Aug 24, 2012
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I would like to thank all of the staff for keeping these servers fun and enjoyable. Keeping the hackers, rule breakers, and spammers to a minimum. Even though sometimes I can't agree with some mod's judgements, I would say that, they all did a great job at moderating these servers. I really appreciate all of the staff for making these servers fun and worthwhile to play on. Thanks Staff! <3


Feb 18, 2013
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I would like to thank all the MCSG staff, all they've done for me has been amazing, although I Haven't been playing on these servers very long, it's been an amazing experience playing on these servers, the staff are really friendly, and I really enjoyed the fun 100-500 player games :), shoutout to : Forairan n' subv3rsion for hosting those. Also shout out to : JustAHotDog, he's been I person I really look up to, his videos have lead me to MCSG, Also HyP3rKi113r, He's a very nice person, and I would like to thank him for supporting me throughout my MCSG experience, all in all, MCSG Staff have been very nice, fun, and responsible, I look forward to better things from you guys in the future, THANKS!!! -diamondhunter011


Jan 24, 2013
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MCSG Staff , you are doing great work! there are always sone polite moda on teamspeak and if you want anyone of them to help you you can poke them and theill come in a couple of seconds!, its great to know that there are always some people who are willing to donate their time to help the community!
i know that it isnt easy to be a moderator and to benefit the orher staff.
there are always some people qho call the staff assholes or similar things ive already seen that sonetimes, its annoying because at all the staff is doing a great work. yes sonetimes you(staff of mcsg) are also doing some mistakes, but in my opinion that is human.
sometimes ive seen some moda who have 0 messages and no likes, but after some time i made a smart remark on the profile of clip ( sorry man i am ob phobe dont know how to tag you here ill fix it if i reach home in a few days, if i dont forget it ) i thibk hes called cliphoux ( >_> ) , correct me if am wrong. he has written me a message then and then i understand why they are able to be a moderator with that forum stats, hes active in the ban dispute section ( facepalm to me that i dont see this earlier ) and sorry agaib dor the remark cliphoux. I've seen then that nobody gets mod without a reason, they earned it. in the last gew days i have seen that you must be 15 now to become mod that makes me said chad please change it back, i worked ob my app the whole vacation where k had no pc and now i must wait anorher half year... but ok i have to deal with it.... i need to come to the point:
here we go ;) :
at all every staff member has earned to be a moderator a senior mod a admin or the owner! And The most of you are doing a great work! REALLY great work! i hope these awsome community stays like it is! not so many trolls hackers ( ok some hackers... but the staff is working on it :) ) and other bad people! its awsome to play with everyone of you, it salways great fun and thanks again for keeping an eye an the servers, the community and the players awsome work !
and dont forget the developers! they sre always writing the plugins, they are also a big great part ( and dotn forget the cows..... ) and they are the ones who make us able to play these hreat minecraft game! Thanks!!!
#biggest text ever written with phone
sorry for all mistakes, but i think you can understand what i mean.
and i put my text here because i am to stupid to check the forums with my phone ill fix it in a few days if i am back on my Loved <3 pc.
Thanks alot for everything you are doining!
- Venkin
EDIT: ive send some provate messages now ill send some more if i am back.


Jun 29, 2013
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I hope you guys keep the good work, I sent a respectful message. keep striving for success!


Dec 15, 2012
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Sent a message to my favorite mod <3 All of you work hard, and keep it up.


Oct 15, 2012
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Are we going to get a notification or something when the staff member we sent the message saw it?

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