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MCSG Tips & Tricks!

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Mar 25, 2016
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Hello tributes! I know there is lots of other threads based on this topic but I think that this is the most accurate one. Disclaimer: This is MY OPINION if you don't like it please leave some suggestions.


As everyone would say, First you need to learn to use the fishing rod. I prefer having it (the rod) In my second slot and using my ring finger to reach it. Other people use their ring finger and pointer finger while having their middle finger on the W key the downside to this is you will easily fall into FnS's. If you find using the fishing rod hard,there is another option.

Jitter Clicking
To jitter click,I cross my fingers (middle finger over pointer finger) and press down (gently) If you press too hard it will stay down,letting your opponent get lots of hits on you try this out on single player with some mobs.

I can't really say much about this,the more you practice the better you get. You also do not want to have a pattern such as after you bow, you go left then right then left and so on.

Flint and Steel
I prefer putting this in my fourth slot and using my pointer finger to do the hotkeying.
Be sure to not look at the ground or it becomes really predictable. Same goes for holding it out in your hand.

First off is you need to know this. When you're getting 2v1'd the team usually lets there guard down due to feeling safe because of there team mate. This makes them soft and if you catch them off guard while they're alone you can most likely kill one of them. But it's quiet hard for experienced team players (Clan members usually) to leave them self alone without there partner so you can't rely on separating them as it can happen but usually rarely happens. So let me just give you a tip, fire=retreat for that member. When you light one up they kinda tag out. But what happens when you light the second one on fire? Do they tag out again or do they tag out fully? Most normal teams will tag back in the previous one.

Rod "Stunt"
Now the rod stunt also helps with knocking your opponent while they're running. Now a common players response to this technique is, "But doesn't that help them gain distance?" and the answer is, yes. If not used correctly. The way you use the rod stun while chasing is to rod them to the side not forward this allows them to get knocked into walls or corners allowing you to gain distance and extra hits. Also when trying to finish off the enemy when they hit a wall is fishing rod the right side then go for a hit on the left. this means they will knock back into the left side where the hit is or you will them them to the right side when you go for the hit on the left.You guarantee a hit. This tactic helps make chasing people easier, also this means they won't try to 180 fns because the rod might make them mess up meaning you gain a block of distance on them.

Thank for reading this T&T guide and I hope you enjoyed it!

Remember,Everyone has their own play style. These is just some basics
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Dec 31, 2013
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You cross your fingers when you jitter o_O
praying for a combo while you jitter probably helps lel


May 22, 2016
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This is the way I play. So i can say im pretty experienced. Maybe when you will make t&t 2 ask for my help please. I got more ideeas!


Jun 20, 2015
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Tbh jitter doesn't even help, it doesn't get you ANY advantage. IMO it just descreases accuracy of your aim. So why I'm on 4th place in SG Solo. About other stuff I mostly agree.

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