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InvalidCredentialsExeption: Invalid credentials FIX!


May 22, 2015
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some of my friends are getting this when trying to login InvalidCredentialsExeption: Invalid credentials
and im here to kind of help you xD

What makes this happen?
Well you normally get this message when you have tried to login-to minecraft accounts too often on the same ip. If you are getting InvalidCredentialsExeption: Invalid credentials invalid username or password that means you've failed your details in the same 30mins-hour and your ip is temporarily banned. Same with Invalid credentials, your ip pretty much has a temp ban.

How do I fix this?

1. you can turn your router off for 5 mins and turn it back on

2. Wait overnight and the next day login to your account

3. I dont suggest doing this but you can get a VPN (hotspot works best) and leave it on and everytime you get Invalid credentials you wont be affected. This method could get your account deleted if they find out.
NOTE: Your "ban" will get longer and longer everytime you are banned.

Any other questions about this just PM me or msg me over skype.