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How-To: Report a Bug; or how to help us help you.

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Oct 15, 2012
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That's probably what you want to say, right? Great. Glad we've all established that, minus the demoralizing commentary that we're hearing daily and the continued belittling by a very small percentage, albeit very vocal, of the community.

Why do you need information?
Information is what drives the Internet today. I mean, why do you think Facebook sells all of our data to everyone with a checking account with more than six figures? To be able to do anything about issues that you'd like to see fixed, we need to see information those encountering issues so that we can tweak our plugin, anticheat solutions, etc.

The following information is a very small ask and common ask among various games; ours is no different.
  1. What's not working?
  2. Where was it not working?
  3. How is it not working?
  4. When did it not work for you?
  5. How do you reproduce it?
    1. What were you doing at the time that you're reproducing it?
      1. Are you running? If so, what blocks are you running over?
      2. Are you attacking? If so, what are you using?
      3. Are you climbing? If so, what are you climbing?

... so on and so forth.

For us to help you, we need you to help us. There's really no way around it - information is what we need to be able to fix things. It's a massive misconception that when it's reported that "hit registration is bad just play it for yourself", well, to put it simply: this isn't helpful whatsoever.

We've played the game for ourselves.

With every major anticheat change, we test it with the staff first, if not as a public game with majority staff. We test it with hack clients and explicitly ensure various common use hacks aren't passing our anticheat changes.

With every major plugin change, we test functionality to ensure what has changed is not breaking it, but rather has the intended behavior.

With any change whatsoever, we're testing the general process of being able to join a game and play normally, no matter how small the change if it even has a remote possibility of breaking other aspects of the game.

BUT IT'S BROKEN! FIX IT, it's a TINY bug that you could fix in MINUTES with a YouTube video!
That's great! I'd suggest you employ the possibility of using a YouTube video to further your skills, and hey, maybe even apply for a developer position here at MCGamer.
However, there's a number of factors that go into writing code for us and I'll give you some insight as to what we're dealing with. There are:
  1. 743 files among Java, YAML, JSON, and other common types
  2. 87,056 lines of code (in just the main plugin)
    1. This does not include internal systems for monitoring, external game controls and monitoring, staff management, Discord bots, so on and so forth. Pretty much, this is solely what controls the main game servers minus the actual server software and libraries behind it.
  3. 3 people working through bug fixes rather than iterating this code and cleaning it up, all with part or full time day jobs.
    1. I'm personally working 60-70 hour work weeks between MCGamer and my normal day job. This is 60% of my weekdays. Sleeping is 30%. 10% is for food, talking with my wife, taking care of my normal day to day tasks. This is not much different for the rest of our higher ups, and if anything, their jobs are worse because they aren't working from home.
  4. 74,000+ automatically reported issues for the game plugin (1,000+ still open)
  5. 1,337 days (lol) or 3.6 years since the last commit for the Minecraft community provided game server software being used to back the backend of our game servers
    1. This does not include the modifications we have made to it.
  6. The oldest lines of code in our plugin are from 2013 and explicitly are parts of the absolute core of everything we're doing today.
It's not as simple as "watching a YouTube video" and inserting a random dude's code into our plugin. This is like saying: hey dude! let's open the gas tank on your car and stick one of these nozzles from the pump in it and fill it up. oh, it doesn't fit? force it! (this is how you accidentally put diesel in a non-diesel car, or "how to waste thousands of dollars")

How do I report an issue, then?
Glad you asked! I've modified this specific forum to require a number of details; including, but not limited to:
  1. Your Minecraft username
  2. Your /bugreport ID
    1. If not available, provide as much detail as you can and/or a video.
  3. The affected region(s)
  4. The affected server ID(s)
  5. The affected map(s)
  6. Time & Date
    1. No, this is not for when you first encountered the issue.
    2. No, this is not for "since the beginning of alpha"
    3. No, this is not for "it's always been like this"
  7. Minecraft Version
When posting, you'll see these fields just below your message box and the title box. These will automatically convert over to some readable data on the new thread, allowing us to quickly glance at an issue, understand what's happening, and resolve it in a timely manner.

If you do not follow the format, we will be closing your issue with or without notice; a thread prefix will be applied stating Invalid Details.

Most importantly: MCGamer is still in an Open Beta. There are going to be issues and we're still working through them. At some point or another, we will be iterating through the entire code base, cleaning it up, and even optimizing it further than it has been so far today.

To be painstakingly transparent, we (Ava and myself) shudder at some of the things we've written (code-wise) in the past and wonder what we were thinking. We've had 3+ years to gather perspective, grow, and improve on ourselves and our skills over the years. Unfortunately, though, this doesn't mean everything can be fixed in no time; I mean, we haven't touched the plugin for 3 years... do you remember what you did two weeks ago? A year ago? No? Neither do I.

Help us help yourself.
In order for us to better assist you, we need you to provide information about incidents you're encountering so we can troubleshoot and resolve the matter.

YOU want an uninterrupted, great place to play MCSG®. To do that, we need your help troubleshooting the current active issues, and it's simply not cutting it with the volume of complaints of "it's broken, I've told you 57 times!". If you don't want an issue fixed, then simply don't report it! It's as easy as that. But, if you do want it fixed, there's a process, and we are absolutely willing to work with you as long as you're willing to follow our request,
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