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Creative Rules

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Dec 13, 2013
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Please be aware that you are expected to follow all MCGamer rules on this server, found here. The following guidelines are specifically for creative.

Chat Rules:

1. Do not use excessive caps: Excessive caps prioritize a person’s message over others, similar to spam, and is often viewed as screaming or shouting.

2. Do not spam: Spamming is an unnecessary way of gaining attention, and spamming is obnoxious. It prioritizes one person’s message over another.

  1. Spam
  2. Sppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm
3. Do not use derogatory or profane language: There are many members in our community of various ages and words that are not appropriate should not be spoken or seen.
  • Keep the chat PG.
  • Inappropriate names will be banned.
  • Do not say/post anything inappropriate.
  • The use of light swear words such as crap and damn are allowed.
  • Bypassing the profanity filter will result in an immediate ban.
  • If you are unsure of whether a word is considered inappropriate, ask a staff member.
Do not say anything you wouldn't say to your loving grandparents.

4. Be respectful of all players: No matter what rank a player is, whether they are staff, VIP, or a regular rank, we want them to feel safe and respected while playing on our servers. This includes:
  • Not abusing other players, whether directly or spreading rumours about them.
  • Listening to and respecting staff decisions, whether you agree with them or not. (If you don't, talk to a senior staff member.)
5. Do not advertise: Advertising other communities, or events in order to profit is prohibited.
  • Do not post links unless asked.
  • Posting links of live streams and youtube channels is allowed only if the stream or youtube channel contains MCSG.
  • Links and addresses of other communities are not allowed.
  • If you are unsure whether something is classified as advertising, ask a staff member before hand.
  • Saying things like, “Leave MCSG for [server name]” or anything similar to it is considered advertising.
  1. Check out my stream at www.streamingwebsite.com/HEHENotMCSGStream I’m streaming [Server that is not MCSG]
  2. Go subscribe to me on youtube: www.youtube.com/LolNotMCSGVideos Cool videos of [Server that is not MCSG]
  3. Look at this cool picture of me on [Server that is not MCSG]
  4. MCSG sucks. [Server name] is way better and you should check it out.
6. Do not role-play in chat: While roleplaying is great, and you may want to play the part by inviting other players to come stay at the great hotel you have made, it is unnecessary in the server chat and can be very distracting and annoying if players are trying to communicate via the chat. You are more than welcome to hop onto our TeamSpeak server (ts.mcgamer.net) if you wish to roleplay with your friends.

  1. Hey, I have a new restaurant open! Come and buy a meal!

7. No countdowns in chat: Considered the same as spam.

  1. 5
Building/Plot Rules:

1. Do not grief: There's nothing worse than having hours of your hard work destroyed by someone else. For your safety, we have a great plots plugin installed so only people who you select can work on your builds. Only add people who you trust to your plots!


  1. Quite simply, destroying another person's build.
2. Do not use inappropriate skins: Skins that violate any MCGamer rule are not allowed.
  • If you have been warned/temporarily banned for using an inappropriate skin, and you continue to use it, you will risk being permanently banned.
  • If you are unsure of whether a skin is allowed, ask a member of staff.
  1. Hitler skins
  2. Nude skins
  3. Racist skins
  4. Skins containing swastikas
3. Do not build inappropriate builds: Making builds that violate our rules for being inappropriate, derogatory, or abusive are not tolerated on our server. The staff regularly check plots, and and deemed to be not be suitable for the server will be removed and/or result in the plot owner being banned.

  1. Genitalia.
  2. Swastikas.
  3. Profane language.
  4. Other builds that violate our rules.
4. No lag machines: Plots or contraptions designed to make the sever lag are not tolerated. We want our server running smoothly for all players to be able to have a good experience with no lag.
  • Plots will be wiped, and/or you may risk being banned from our network.
5. Redstone builds must have an on/off switch: If you are going to use redstone while building, please provide an on/off switch so that the redstone is not left running, thus causing lag.

Failure to follow any of these rules may result in your account being banned from the server.

P.S. Le0 is the best for writing these rules for me because she loves me so very much.
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