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Class buffs and nerfs


Aug 11, 2014
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I basically only play tf2 here, and I main spy, but I see alot of the classes need to be buffed or nerfed

1. Scout:
-Fast Speed
-Glitchy Double Jump
-strong shotgun

= Nerf the shotgun just a little bit. scouts tend to spam everywhere

2. Soldier
=fix the rocket jumping. the only iable rocket jump is wall bouncing here, and even THAT takes a quarter of your health

3. pyro
=Do i have to explain this?

4. Heavy:
-good defense
-weak firepower?
=the heavy has a good dps, but unlike other classes, that s a pew pew and then dead attack, heavy is more of a pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew class, so its a bit weak

5. Demoman
Add grenades. simple. its currently a bit unreliabe

6. engineer: make the turret fire more like a rifle, not a shotgun, and make it so you can somehow recounstruct it after losing it without going to spawn

7. Sniper: A great class in a good hand. NO changes here I guess

8. Medic:
No one plays it. no one will play it. its capability is really low, since it heals a decent amount in one swing, with a cooldown, making it useless againt most classes. no pocket med's too.

9. Spy: as a spy main, this thing is Overpowered as bacon. currently, the only counter to it is pyro, just because you cant get close to them, and scouts if you have lesss experience. As much as I think it is unfair, But something I HAVE to do to win, is stabbing while cloaked. you can INSTAKILL while INVISBLE> I have no idea how much times ive been called a hacker for this and trickstabbing in mctf2.
make it s othat you cant stab while cloaked.

Also, make disguises more reliable. your disguise only changes armor, which makes spy a cloak relying class. Disguises do work if you know how to act, but you have to litteraly crouch all the time to do so.

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