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  1. Dzbs

    MCGamer status

    Already gave you my message Chad, but thanks again for everything.
  2. Dzbs

    Catch Ya on the Flip Side

    It's unfortunate to see that MCGamer is closing, however I do hope that Chad does find someone that will be able to keep this server running. Thank you everyone for these 4 amazing years, I truly loved every single second on here. <3 P.S. In my interview I said that I would never resign. Guess...
  3. Dzbs

    Staff Geographies resign.

    Never really got to talk to you much geographies, but thank you for everything that you have done! You will truly be missed from the staff team.
  4. Dzbs

    Staff Preston's Final Leave From the Staff Team

    It's sad to see you go Preston, I'll definitely miss you! However, do hit me up when you're flying near me so I can get a ride on your plane. ;)
  5. Dzbs

    Danny's Halloween Resource Pack [16x]

    Thanks man :D
  6. Dzbs

    Danny's Halloween Resource Pack [16x]

    Nice pack dude!
  7. Dzbs

    Create a story

    was a boy named Tom
  8. Dzbs

    To My Fellow OG Members

    I gotta agree with you, I really do miss those days when I would rush back home just to play MCSG for the rest of the day. Now with high school and junior year, I can't have those spare hours to play like I did back in 7th-8th grade. However I do feel that the community as well as the staff team...
  9. Dzbs

    6 Months - 182.5 Days - 4380 Hours

    Congrats on 6 months Luke! :)
  10. Dzbs

    The time has come...

    It's really sad to see you resign after so many years of dedication as a staff member, but we all sometime have to realize that life keeps changing. You truly have inspired me as well as others with your hard work, and I wish you well in doing well in uni as well as reaching for your desires!
  11. Dzbs

    Andreas/Swagdreas/Giggity69Goo/idc's Photography Thread

    Nice job dude, photos look amazing! :)
  12. Dzbs

    Meet the Staff V3 & AMA

    hehe I know this :3
  13. Dzbs

    If you had a time machine... (11,000th Post!)

    I would want to go back in time to 2012, around MCSG v1, and make myself make a forums account much earlier!! Congrats on 11k posts by the way Ceroria!
  14. Dzbs

    Uhh, long time no see.

    Great to see you "back" dude! :D Been a loooong time haha, throwback to The Tribute Times xD
  15. Dzbs

    How to be FABULOUS (1000th Post)

    Nooo I'm not on the fab radar... :( Ima do these 8 steps real quick tho
  16. Dzbs

    Goodbye + Plat Donor Giveaway ;)

    Alyssa ????? I like that click bait, but it's sad to see you go. I'll still talk to you regarding other works. :P
  17. Dzbs

    DammitDeanne Resign Letter

    It's really sad to see you go Deanne, ever since I met you I always saw you as a sweet and helpful person. You really did a lot for the community, so always know that we will appreciate and remember the amazing things you have done. I hope that we still stay in touch and that we can talk soon! <3
  18. Dzbs

    Staff S1LV3Rdesu's Meet the Staff

    Welcome to the staff team! :)
  19. Dzbs

    Formidable | Eu Clan

    Good lick!
  20. Dzbs

    Staff Resignation thread and Incident with Sr.Staff

    It's unfortunate to see you go Trippy, thanks for everything that you have done in regards to helping the community!