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Search results

  1. Hawy

    Amethyst {EU}

    ❖ Information ❖ ----- ----- "We are a Competitive EU Clan which intends to improve PvP skill while having fun in clan wars" Founded: 7/29/2016 Owner: Hawy Skype (For CW's): hawymc Teamspeak: Coming Soon ----- ----- ❖ Requirements ❖ ----- ----- - Must be atleast the age of 13 - Must have either...
  2. Hawy

    Veins [EU Clan]

    Info: Founder: Hawy Date Founded: 12/26/2015 Skype For CW's: hawymc Requirements: Working Mic Must Have Skype Must Have Decent Stats Must Have Good Team Work Skill Must Have Gamesense Application: IGN: Age: Skype Name?: MCSG Wins (Now): MCSG Wins (Legacy): PvP Strengths: PvP Weaknesses: What...
  3. Hawy

    IndependenceReborn {EU Clan}

    Disbanded Clan
  4. Hawy

    #Starbucks (EU)

    Welcome To #Starbucks EU Clan We are a group of mcsg players and Starbucks Lovers xD Hoping to be noticed on mcsg as a clan Feel free to apply :) -=- Founded: 8/22/2015 Founder: Hawyy Owners Skype (Add For CW): AquaGlitch Starbucks Custom Pack - https://www.mediafire.com/?eohnk8vk7melyqe -=-...
  5. Hawy

    Independence {EU}

    We are a team of PvP'ers that hope for greatness on EU MCSG Are goal is to have fun while improving. Go ahead and read the rest of the thread and if it catches your attention feel free to apply! Owners: Hawyy & Gwapey Contact: We Will Add You To Our Skype Group Applications Status: Open...