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  1. xNovaXHDx

    Oʜᴀɴᴀ [Us Dɪᴠɪsɪᴏɴ]

    Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, illusive, god like feature that only the special amongst will ever taste. It's something that truly exist. In all of us, it's important to believe that you are the one. You spend so much time with other people, you spend so much time getting them to...
  2. xNovaXHDx

    Goodbye Thread

    The cake is a lie.
  3. xNovaXHDx


  4. xNovaXHDx


    Note: You have a Better Chance of getting accepted if you hangout on are TeamSpeak: perlite.typefrag.com:5965 - Requirements Must Respect Other Clans! [No Exceptions] 250 Wins [Exceptions can be Made] Skype/TS [No Exceptions] Devotion, Loyalty, and Teamwork [No Exceptions] Must be active! [No...
  5. xNovaXHDx

    2v2 tourny

    Place your teams here 1:30 PST TODAY 16 teams 32 players.
  6. xNovaXHDx

    Cyanide | Global Team

    Starting Off by saying the other thread was buggy and i couldn't continue with it. I'm sorry for the Inconvenience but Cyanide Isn't Disbanding. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Requirements- Must Respect Other Clans! (No Exceptions) 300 Wins (Exceptions...
  7. xNovaXHDx

    Cyanide | US Clan

    If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Requirements- Must Respect Other Clans! (No Exceptions) 300 Wins (Exceptions May Be Made) Skype/TS (NO EXCEPTIONS) Decent PvP, Important Team Cooperation! (No Exceptions) Devotion Loyalty Activity! (NO EXCEPTIONS)...
  8. xNovaXHDx


    This map has alot of good features. It has flat land for good PvP, has scenic Monuments and has a ton of chests. Name: RidgeSide Description:There's nothing better than Flat land PvP, Scenic Monuments, Back Country Mountain Trails, Abandoned Cabins, Puzzles, and Secrets. This map Holds all...
  9. xNovaXHDx

    Need an Avatar/youtube Banner

    Hey guys any of you artist out there want to make me a youtube banner? That'd be awesome i have around 700 subscribers and would like to give you a huge shout out. I've needed a banner and a Avatar for a while now, anyway please do so if you have the time. All i want is an avatar if you want to...
  10. xNovaXHDx

    UnderDogs US (CLAN)

    Requirements: 100 Plus Wins! (Some Exceptions If we think your good) 12 or older (Possible exceptions) Donor Skype/TS and a working mic Pretty good PvP skills Have teamed with the good players before Be cool and chill. Application Form Minecraft ID: Age: Donor: Wins: Got Skype/TS: Skype name...
  11. xNovaXHDx

    Nova's 500 Sub Special!!

    Check out this video for everything!
  12. xNovaXHDx

    #The Wolf Pack

    Recruiting now! Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3gPYEDH20zaI0XXm_-IEfw?feature=mhee
  13. xNovaXHDx

    Can't Reach Server Or Teamspeak server ..

    It is not the (can't resolve host name) problem. I've done the DNS stuff and it still doesn't work. It says can't reach server on every single server. But on the website the servers update normally like usual. If anyone knows how to fix this please help..
  14. xNovaXHDx


    hi i heard of this in the games. And i was wondering, due to the high rate of hackers and spammers. I would like to be a moderator. I think are community needs more because of all the hackers. I'm 17 and very responsible. My IGN is Nova_RunZyoU, please accept me to help you guys out! If you need...