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  1. SirDontJudgeMeh

    SirDontJudgeMeh Ban Dispute

    In-game name: SirDontJudgeMeh Where have you been banned? Minecraft server Any reason why you have been: Apparently I used a Kill Aura and I've never even downloaded hacks. When did you get banned?: I have no idea I think yesterday (Sunday January 12th.) How long does your ban have left...
  2. SirDontJudgeMeh

    Got banned for "Kill Aura"

    Also, I have no idea where to go to post a ban dispute, my internet says "page not valid" so yeah I can record to prove I don't hack I just use FOX 90, 60 MBPS internet, 600+ FPS in game, and I play it smart. So if you MCSG honestly think I hack, you guys are hysterical.
  3. SirDontJudgeMeh

    Got banned for "Kill Aura"

    So I got banned for having a "Kill Aura" when I have no idea what that is and I've never even looked at hacks before. I know a mod Drybear1998 and I reported multiple hackers to him that he banned and he knows I don't hack. I played with him on Skype and this is outrageous you guys thinking I...