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  1. Paulie333

    Nuet - US / AU

    Minecraft IGN: Pauliee Age: 16 Wins / Games: 334/1750 Legacy stats: 385/ 3000 Past bans: N/A Skype: Narwhalll has my skype Do you have access to Teamspeak? Yes Why would you like to join Nuet? To enjoy the game more and meet new people.
  2. Paulie333

    ExiLe v2 - AU Clan [Old Thread]

    Minecraft Name: Paulie333 Age:15 Wins: 427/3283 Skype Name: Paulie_3336 Why do you want to join ExiLe? I want to be apart of a strong Au and I also want to catch up with some of the people.
  3. Paulie333

    #Nuett | Au Clan | Recruiting

    -Minecraft Ign: PaulyPvP -Age 15 -Wins/Losses:390/2950 -Skype Name: Once i am accepted ill give it out -Past clans- Fundamental, cant recall name -Past bans: None
  4. Paulie333

    -Contrivance AU Clan-

    tysm :D
  5. Paulie333

    -Contrivance AU Clan-

    -Minecraft IGN: PaulyPvP -Age:15 -Wins/Losses:381/2900 -Skype Name:If i am added i will give it -Past Clans:Fundamental xD -Past Bans:3 years ago my friend was on my account banned for hacking -Donor:None atm
  6. Paulie333

    Sublime [AU Clan]

    Re apply? wut? was there another 1 and did i get declined?
  7. Paulie333

    Sublime [AU Clan]

    Ign: Paulie333 Age:15 Wins/Games Played: 380/2980 Skype name: Most of you already have it Past Bans: None Why do u want to join sublime?:Because half the clan i know and the clan seems legit :) Will You be active and deicated to the clan?: 100%
  8. Paulie333

    Sublime [AU Clan]

    Ign: Paulie333 Age:15 Wins/Gamesplayed: 380/2935 Skypename: Paulie_336 Pastban: Friend was on my account and used hacks like 2 years ago.. :l Why do you want to join Sublime?Because this clan has allot of people i know and trust and also looks good :) Will You be active and dedicated to the...