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  1. dobbyroxmysocks

    Are you kidding me?

    A MCSG player in my clan threatened to DDoS me and my friends. I ask for help and i say that he was gonna DDoS us. And you know waht? I got muted. This is trash. The McGamer staff, not all of them, are trash. I dont care if this account gets banned from forums (kinda do) but im adressing a...
  2. dobbyroxmysocks

    Excaliber [US]

    W [Graphics Coming Soon] Founder: dobbyroxsmysocks Teamspeak: Currently no teamspeak ;-; Date of creation: 12-14-14 Application Status: Recruiting -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At least 12 years old [Exceptions Can Be Made] At...
  3. dobbyroxmysocks

    MCSG V1, OR V2

    McSgV1? Or V2?
  4. dobbyroxmysocks

    Please take this in consideration.

    I've made a previous thread about this, but nothing happend. Me and fellow Eastern USA MCSG players, have terrible ping to the US servers. It's gotten to the point where my bad ping can't get me a win in a even fight. Also my ping to US is so bad that it's the SAME EXACT ping I get on the EU...
  5. dobbyroxmysocks


    I might have found the reason to my terrible ratio. Even if this isnt the reason why, it still needs to happen. I, and many fellow MCSG players, live on the east cost. And the US server is hosted on the west cost, this causes me to have a VERY high ping. The best ping i have ever had on MCSG was...
  6. dobbyroxmysocks


    I'm just playing mcsg like another day and then i see a understacked guy, I go to fight I get 2 or 3 hits and BOOM no cheat stops my hits completely i cant hit the person and i die to them and i lost so many games to this stupid glich. MAKE IT STOP!!!! LOWER THE NO CHEAT
  7. dobbyroxmysocks


    NVM :D