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  1. ViolentKitten

    OCE Send Off Tournament

    bro you have GOT to be kidding me I literally just found out the servers were back.
  2. ViolentKitten

    1.7 Making a return?

    This is actually so unbelievably accurate it hurts
  3. ViolentKitten

    Can I join?

    I'd like to say you could... but... uh... Just join us.mcgamer.net/eu.mcgamer.net/au.mcgamer.net and click the compass then the bow.
  4. ViolentKitten

    MCGamer Awards Round 2!

    wow rip best cat
  5. ViolentKitten

    Events Trivia Night

    I thought you would have progressed beyond your immature, childish persona you embody on these forums but obviously there isn't any growth on that, hmm? I quit in-game. Active on Teamspeak and learnt that my event is still running so I came to comment. Are you really so attention-starved that...
  6. ViolentKitten

    Events Trivia Night

    Good to see my creation shall continue. ^-^ gl participants
  7. ViolentKitten

    Invictus AU

    Both Fluxion and I have resigned, so you'll need to tag someone else regarding this thread.
  8. ViolentKitten

    Staff The journey ends :c

    Thank you all for the lovely messages!! I'll thank you individually when I get on my computer c:
  9. ViolentKitten

    Staff The journey ends :c

    So, after 7 months and 11 days, I have made the decision that it is time to resign from staff. Never thought I would... but the time has come :c Gonna write about my journey I suppose. I received moderator on the 14th of August, 2014, after eight previous attempts, and it wasn't until the...
  10. ViolentKitten


    Thread has been approved
  11. ViolentKitten


    If your dad wishes that you don't communicate with people online, then you should probably obey that Molly. However, as KILLERTITANS25 said, if you wish to communicate with others on a MCGamer affiliated teamspeak, you can do so by downloading Teamspeak 3 and connecting to ts.mcgamer.net Have a...
  12. ViolentKitten

    AU Operation Cleansweep

    Really excited to be helping to run these. Look forward to working with ya'll c:
  13. ViolentKitten


    Moved to Clans and Teams [EU]
  14. ViolentKitten

    US/CA Operation Cleansweep, Winter 2015, Week 2 (Final) Results!

    Posts merged You can indeed report them!
  15. ViolentKitten

    Nice one mcsg....

    As has been mentioned many times before, it is vital that MCGamer upgrades to 1.8 - though there may be changes that are disliked, it is needed so the server can continue to develop, and so we can harness features of 1.8 We will never be reverting back to 1.7 TL
  16. ViolentKitten

    GRAPEAPPLESAUCE WAS IN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Due to pointless nature of thread, it has been locked. Next time, please utilize the 'Status Update' feature
  17. ViolentKitten

    MCSG still fun?

    I don't actually play SG anymore - havent since December really :( Luckily I still love moderating and being around you guys :p CSGO has consumed me...
  18. ViolentKitten

    Trivia Night - Pop Culture

    Unfortunately I couldn't stay but the event was a great success! :) Thanks to everyone who turned up. See you next month! ;)
  19. ViolentKitten


    This phrase is much too close to a swear word and you have been banned due to that. You will be unbanned once you change your name. TL