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  1. fawkesface394


    Two hackers in eu3 were water-running and using some other hacks. But it was the running that really annoyed everyone and was completely unfair. Their names: 1RamBO and KruS0
  2. fawkesface394

    HACKERS: this is getting absolutely ridiculous now.

    Okay, there needs to be a new process for getting Hackers blocked on this game, because I'm sorry but a screenshot is NO PROOF AT ALL. My friend and I have been playing for the past few nights and every. single. game. gad at least two hackers in. I love this game, but I'm reaching the last...
  3. fawkesface394

    So, I'm making an arena...

    It isn't done yet, but I was just wondering where I should post it once it is? Do I post it on here? Is there a place I send it? I'm new at this map making shenanigans so I don't know...