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  1. TheCrazyCookie

    LosPiolaPvP ^~^

  2. TheCrazyCookie

    Well... bye.

  3. TheCrazyCookie

    Selling minecraft accounts for low prices

    Add on skype: -snip- Selling accounts for low prices. Willing to negotiate. Contact me ASAP.
  4. TheCrazyCookie

    Selling Minecraft accounts.

    Selling minecraft accounts for a cheap price. Add me on skype: - snip -
  5. TheCrazyCookie

    How to make $500 fast?

    I meant including the peripherals. You know what I meant quit being smart.
  6. TheCrazyCookie

    How to make $500 fast?

    It depends on what your standards of "a good PC" is. Keep in mind I spent $1400 on all the peripherals. I bought a brand new rig. Who said I was only playing Minecraft?
  7. TheCrazyCookie

    How to make $500 fast?

    $500 won't get you a very good pc lol. I saved up $1400 by saving birthday/christmas money + mowing lawns and shoveling snow for a year.
  8. TheCrazyCookie

    Vortex [US Clan]

    Alright :) thank you.
  9. TheCrazyCookie

    Vortex [US Clan]

    IGN: jman0111 | TheCanMan_ | rodskillshd Age: 14 Games Won: I've just recently started to play MCSG actively again, after quitting Hive. I only have around 50 wins, but I plan to try-hard and get a lot of wins fast. I just thought of mentioning, I have over 300 wins on the HiveMC. Games...
  10. TheCrazyCookie

    Optimus [US Clan]

    Guys is this clan active at all? No one has added me to the group chat.
  11. TheCrazyCookie

    Survival Games Country Leaderboards?

    Let's just say that the update will never happen.
  12. TheCrazyCookie

    My 1337th Post :3

  13. TheCrazyCookie

    Survival Games Country Leaderboards?

    It would be nice if the MCGamer network added individual leader boards organized by country. This isn't a separate leader boards with separate stats, it's just the global stats narrowed down by country. ~snip~ Examples of the main countries to have are: - United States - Canada - Germany -...
  14. TheCrazyCookie

    Livestreaming Tab on the MCG Website

    Couldn't the forums just re-direct you to Twitch?
  15. TheCrazyCookie

    Forbidden [US]

    Good luck! :3
  16. TheCrazyCookie

    The Post That Gets No Likes Wins!

  17. TheCrazyCookie

    Why do people listen to bad singers?

    Well... there's different opinions on "bad". I like electronic music/dubstep and anyone could say that's "bad" and I could say their music is "bad".
  18. TheCrazyCookie

    Icarus [US/EU Division]

    Good luck! :3
  19. TheCrazyCookie

    Homework Help!

    I guess we'll all be ending up spending more time on the forums rather than homework -_____- thanks sixzo