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  1. louiscreeper234

    Mistaken [EU]

    1) Name- Louis 2) IGN- louiscreeper234 3) Age{12+}- 13 4) Wins:Games Player{100+/1:8}- 30 Hive : 2 accounts sharing 700wins between them :) 5) Do you have skype {Add me: PhoenixPlayz}- louis.mcpvp 6) Do you have MCSG Donor- Nope 7)Previous Clans/Experience- Hive: Flarezv2, eternity...
  2. louiscreeper234

    Valor | MCSG Clan [EU]

    IGN: louiscreeper234 Age: 13 Wins: 28 | Past stat reset. MCSG Games Played: 213 Previous Clans: Mcsg: FlarezReborn Hive Currently Running Clans: Amnesty. Past: Hunters, eternity, flarezv2, flarezreborn etc...... Maps good at?: I am not too great on all maps but the over played maps such as...
  3. louiscreeper234

    #Aquatic [EU] [Official]

    What is your current age: 13 What is your Minecraft username: louiscreeper234 What would you like us to call you/Nickname: Louis What is your skype name: louis.moore234 Where are you from: uk Whats your timezone E.g GMT: london Do you have a working Mic: yes, blue snowball Do you have MCSG...
  4. louiscreeper234

    Faith [ EU ]

    I got a new account on here too :D Change LouisMcPvP to louiscreeper234