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  1. Faogh

    Disbanded :/

    Good luck!
  2. Faogh

    We Want Wyvern's Wake Back!

    There is an easy fix for OP items, just set up in MCedit a NBT data clear, that will clear all the items from hidden places.
  3. Faogh

    Team Voltage: Build Team

    Delete this thread then.
  4. Faogh

    Battle Grounds: Pulvino Regnum

    I apologise for being harsh, but sometimes that's whats needed.
  5. Faogh

    Battle Grounds: Pulvino Regnum

    Wow, why are people being nice? This is terrible.
  6. Faogh

    Builder for Hire

    Sure, add me on Skype.
  7. Faogh

    SURVIVAL GAMES Cloud Nine (Revamp)

    Looks interesting.
  8. Faogh

    Builder for Hire

    Hey everyone, this thread is for anyone needing things built for a public or private server(or just because), I am a well versed builder and will build anything(within reason) for a reasonable price. If you are interested in having something built please either PM me or reply to this thread...
  9. Faogh

    Red Forest

    Please post all applications on the Red Forest site, you will find the details on this thread.
  10. Faogh

    Bermuda Triangle Survival Games Map 20% Done [IN PROGRESS]

    Is this thread really necessary right now, you have no screenshots, you have no explanation all that's here is a title...
  11. Faogh

    Build Team Free Agent Thread!

    Ign: Faogh Previous work: http://imgur.com/azcw5Jq,Fou6V4H,I9mtAao,aS5B2E3,OsuEW4n,4NvHrRe,NRTDuUR,3vA2Odz,53AJmOI,ai34w5I#2 Any Current build team: Red Forest ^If so what team: Best theme you build: I'm fine with anything Anything else you would like to add: Please no interiors Skype: and or...
  12. Faogh

    Free Hub/Building to who ever wants it first

    The first one to reply to this asking for a specific building type project will get it for free.
  13. Faogh

    Red Forest

    Don't we haven't done anything in ages.
  14. Faogh


    Пожалуйста, поставьте это в правильный раздел , это не должно быть в разделе сборки команды .
  15. Faogh

    #RapPvP [US]

    Please post this in the correct section, this is for build teams not clans...
  16. Faogh

    Frozt Building Team.

    Then what was the point of posting this?
  17. Faogh

    -----SG FIRENZIA----- 4.0034% Done (WIP)

    Basically, but anyway those are just suggestions.
  18. Faogh

    -----SG FIRENZIA----- 4.0034% Done (WIP)

    OK, for any advice I can give you, don't have those mini chest at corn as they really only serve as a distraction, also for that big building that you have started I would suggest not using cobble, use something that compliments rather than clashes.
  19. Faogh

    -----SG FIRENZIA----- 4.0034% Done (WIP)

    This is a good start, hope this goes well for you guys.