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  1. ChadTheDJ

    Happy Holidays from MCGamer Network + Holiday Sale!

    Hello Tributes, I think one of the greatest gifts within the last year was seeing our community get revived and we hope momentum continues in 2020. We been though some growing pains and some hardships, yet I see the power of our community keeping us going. I appreciate your support here making...
  2. ChadTheDJ

    Fall Map Update Vote Part 2!

    Again Tributes! Due to popular demand, we decided to add in more selections for popular MCSG maps to return based on your feedback. We will add the top 3 maps voted within the next 48 hours and you can select your top 3 maps to return! Happy voting. Edit: Tributes all of the maps have been...
  3. ChadTheDJ

    What fun things do you like about Battlegrounds?

    Wanted to break the ice and ask what you like about this game mode.
  4. ChadTheDJ

    Ultimate Thanksgiving Map Vote

    Tributes! Due to popular demand, we decided to add in more selections for popular MCSG maps to return based on your feedback. We will add the top 3 maps voted within the next 48 hours and you can select your top 3 maps to return! Happy voting. -Edit-
  5. ChadTheDJ

    MCGamer Premium Ranks and Legacy Ranks Revised

    Hello Tributes, We have taken your feedback to heart and reviewed our options as far as the recent feedback with our premium ranks going forward. Just giving you a little back story, this topic was one of the hardest items to figure out for this place as we wanted to achieve some balance over...
  6. ChadTheDJ

    Introducing MCGamer Premium Ranks

    Tributes, happy to announce MCGamer Premium accounts are ready to be sold and appreciate your support on giving us the needed funds to finish our development of MCGamer Network with future MCSG development + other game types to return again. Below is the information about the perks you will get...
  7. ChadTheDJ

    MCGamer Status Update 11/13

    Hello Tributes! Just wanted to give you an update with some progress here and some areas we will be focusing on for the next week or so! New Map Weekend! Tributes we need your help again to pick 2 more #MCSG maps to be re-release this weekend for our Closed Alpha! Here are 4 more popular...
  8. ChadTheDJ

    If we could track more items in-game, what items would you like to see for MCSG?

    Hello Tributes, Figured I would break the ice on topics here for MCSG discussions. As you can tell, we are slowly getting things back online and celebrating the reopening of our website/forums! One of the next items we will start to tackle is player stats and leaderboards. With this, we have an...
  9. ChadTheDJ

    MCGamer Closed Beta Test Information

    MCGamer is excited to announce its launch in a Beta development state (AKA the MCGamer Beta Test). This phase of server testing takes place after the Alpha test and will help us further refine the user experience in preparation for MCGamer’s full release. The Beta test is expected to begin...
  10. ChadTheDJ

    Please take the time to fill out a survey for future Alpha testing!

    Hello Tributes, Thank you for the overwhelming support with the recent tweet as we miss you as well! We are indeed involved in early planning to start this community back up due to popular demand. It’s been way too long and we want to bring back the good old days when MCSG® was at it’s prime...
  11. ChadTheDJ

    MCGamer status

    To respond to the questions being directed to me, I will respond now but this is very premature due to what is going on in the backend. Right now MCGamer is indeed shutdown due to lack of funds as we been operating on a loss for the last 7 months. Scaling down our infrastructure caused more...
  12. ChadTheDJ

    AU location will be dropped until further notice

    Hello MCGamers, Our AU location has been having a bit of issues on and off the last few months due to dealing with the internet connections in that region communicating to our database servers in US. Lately, it's becoming worse and worse and we decided at this point until we find a better...
  13. ChadTheDJ

    A present to you: Our Christmas update is live!

    Hello tributes! Over the past several months, we’ve been working on some large changes to our network that we’re finally ready to announce. Introducing MCSG Maker: Create custom unranked MCSG games! On top of our popular MCSG system, we are adding the ability to create custom unranked MCSG...
  14. ChadTheDJ

    SG: Solo 24-slot official launch!

    Hello Tributes, Letting you know if you haven't noticed in-game yet, we did a silent release in SGSolo for 24 slot games earlier this week! Today we are officially announcing the release after polishing everything out. This was one of many suggestions and feedback that came out of our last...
  15. ChadTheDJ

    Q&A followup from with me (10/17/2015) and info on the next one!

    So the impromptu Q&A session was a success and we want to plan another one way ahead of time so more players can take part in it! Here is when you can participate in round 2: ChadTheDJ Q&A part 2 on November 14th at 2PM PST on our Teamspeak (ts.mcgamer.net) (Going to post a time converter here...
  16. ChadTheDJ

    Q&A tomorrow with me!

    Seems it's been awhile I done a Q&A and time to do another! Tomorrow at 3pm (PST and 22:00 (10 PM) GMT or 11pm BST). I will be focusing on the all the areas are currently working on in this community and any feedback our members have. Can't wait to talk to you all and can't wait to hear all of...
  17. ChadTheDJ

    Be sure to catch tomorrows stream!

    Wanted to make sure everyone here will be able to catch tomorrows stream celebrating Col_StaR 's send off to college! Be sure to also tune in for a surprise tomorrow as I will be going solo. ;) Time: 11am PST (6pm GMT) Where: http://www.twitch.com/ChadTheDJ Who is streaming: ChadTheDJ, Col_StaR...
  18. ChadTheDJ

    Meet our new Admins!

    Hello everyone, wanted to let you know we recently added on 2 new Trial Administrators to the team. Here is a bio on them all just in case you don't know who they are: Nephilim Hey guys! I hope most of you know already who I am by now, but if you don’t, here’s a small TL;DR. I’m a 17 year old...
  19. ChadTheDJ

    MCGamer Meetup was a success!

    Thank you everyone who showed up to the meetup! It was fun visiting with you all and as promised here is the photo to download: (download link) Users that showed up (not in order via picture): ChadTheDJ Devin Life855 Vanth Charliewolves ScarabSorcerer JohnnySmasherMC SkyWarg ImNotCeline...
  20. ChadTheDJ

    MCGamer Minecon Meetup and Map

    Hello Minecon attendees! Letting you know we will be planning a Meetup ether in the afternoon today or tomorrow in the entrance hall. We will be updating this post with the details to meet me, Ava and other MCGamer Staff and Community. Location: behind the helpdesk booth near the seating area...