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Quarter Quell

Quarter Quell

MCSG® but based on the Catching Fire film where the arena attacks back!

  • Genre Competitive
  • Complexity High
  • Time Estimate

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Walls of fire that burn everything in their path, waves of skeletons that riddle players with arrows, a poisonous fog, and a forcefield that traps you with certain death: this is Quarter Quell. A variation on MCSG inspired by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Quarter Quell pits up to 48 tributes against each other in an expansive map. However, hunger and hostile players are no longer your greatest threat. Each map is divided into 12 sections, each with a specific disaster set to occur for each minute of play. Live minute to minute as you adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the gameworld in order to survive. Games are long, the struggle is constant, and surviving is intense, but victory in a match of Quarter Quell is an achievement to be earned.

Key Points: Rules & Gameplay

48 tributes will face each other in a massive coliseum for an extreme game of MCSG.
Dynamic events will drastically change the environment, altering gameplay and forcing the player to adapt or die.
Every minute of gameplay causes a new dynamic event to occur within a section of the map, trapping players inside the section with a hazard such as lava flows, creeper hordes, and poisonous fog.
The only section that will be clear of hazards is the center of the map, where hostile players will fight for control of this safe zone.
The last surviving player is crowned the winner.
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