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Typhoon [EU]

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Dec 23, 2014
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"PVP is not simply an activity, it is a way of life, it is a religion; it has become like a father to me"
- Ronnie

TeamSpeak IP: ts.typhoonclan.net
Date Founded: 23/12/2014
Founder: Ronniebondage
EU Clan Leaderboards Ranking: 2
Clan Battle Records: 83 - 11

A talented PvPer.
Familiar with clan battles and scrims.
A friendly and respectful personality.
Familiar with Teamspeak and Skype.
Decent reputation as a nice person.
Being nice with fellow members.

Somewhat understanding of team play.

My name is:
My age is:
My IGN is:
My stats are:
My nationality is:
My Skype name is:
Why you want to join Typhoon:
Anything Extra We Should Know (Optional) :

• • Clan Ranks • •

Owner: In charge of entire clan - Overruling Power.
Leaders: They pretty much lead the clan. Second in charge if the Owner is not there.
Champions: Have shown true dedication and skill in clan wars.
Elites: Trusted & Worthy Clan Members.
Members: Will play and support clan during clan wars.
Trials: Trial members being decided whether to be accepted.

[L] = Loyal Legacy Player

• • Owners • •

GreenyReturns // Joe

• • • Leaders • • •
Hashir // Trashir

Rhu // Dog

Rex5826 // Sam

Sawk // ITA

• • • Champions • • •
bcfcAnt // Antony

vGyro // Black Man

MosigCow // Mehmeti

jonnysurvives // jonny

(ever wondered who LucyB1998 was?? now you know!)

Gaxriexz // Gabby

(ever wondered who LesbianNun was?? now you know!)

• • Elites • • •
Attorah // Rajesh

PuffyBears // Mehmet

Aze // Trump Voter

• • • Members • • •
Brighter // ClientAddict

Dengel00 // Big D

Strafeist // Maxy

Arizxna // Panda

Qyxo // Pol


Kruger // Oskar

Sliabh // Ross

Jaunny // Jew

Lucyb1999 // E-Slut

Abc_NL_Ellen_ // Ellie

• Trials •
KillerPock // Sh*t


TheNamesAnt // Anthony

Frzz // George

Svnic // Hedgehog

rysmy1 // Scouser

HariSolo // MCPE GOD

TheTreeHunter // Julio

RealHazza // Brummie

ThatRoloGamer // ROLO

Ezkild // Eskild

001nathan100 // NJ

BadgerPig // Danielle

GermanNun // FUHRER

MillWall // Samson

anerd // Arend

thingy182 // Will

carld2 // Gypsy

PrezCow // Prez

Snper // EpicHedgeTrimmer

melv // Melvin

• Clan Alts •


MrMCIJ123 <3 Clan Texture Pack Creator

Blurhhh <4 Clan Texture Pack V2 Creator







Clan wars won: 83
Clan wars lost: 11
Clan wars played: 94

Typhoon vs TheViperDecks Won {5-0}
Fun quick clan war to get us started off.
Typhoon vs Rempell Won {5-0}
GG, nice clan war.
Typhoon vs Phoenix Won {5-1}
Great fun.
Typhoon vs Elastic Won {5-3}
Really enjoyable and intense.
Typhoon vs Emperors Lost {3-5}
The Emperors are supreme.
Typhoon vs Sinister Won {5-4}
A talented clan.
Typhoon vs Error404 Won {5-1}
nis pvp
Typhoon vs Crumbs Won {5-0}
Good clan war.
Typhoon vs DixiePVP Won {5-1}
Quick clan war, no redo's - all our members had fun.
Typhoon vs Genetic Won {5-3}
Momo carry!

Typhoon vs Elizium Won {5-0}
Not enjoyable. Damn Russians.
Typhoon vs Ascendancy Won {5-4}
Our teamspeak was DDosed at 4-4 and they refused to give a redo.
DDOSS Evidence
Video Evidence

Typhoon vs RetroReborn Won {5-2}
Good clan war. We are improving with our clutches.
Typhoon vs Rasclarts Won {5-3}
Exciting and intense. We love Jonny.
Typhoon vs Vector Won {5-4}

We managed to come back from 2-4 down. Great clan war.
Typhoon vs Perfect Won {5-0}
Good clan war.
Typhoon vs Sinister Won {5-0}
At 2-0 to us they postponed and never replied.
Typhoon vs Phoenix Won {5-3}

Great clan war, they got pretty unlucky at the end.
Typhoon vs Obelisk Won {5-3}
Nice 4v4s & 5v5s.
Typhoon vs Aera Won {5-1}
Our teamwork is on point.
Typhoon vs Insurgent Won {5-1}
Good clanwar.
Typhoon vs Uprising Won {5-1}

Typhoon vs Valiance Won {5-4}

We managed to come back from 4-2 to them, our best clan war so far.
Typhoon vs Radiation Won {5-4}
Insane final round clutch :eek:
Typhoon vs Sinister Won {5-2}
They got a tad unlucky.
Typhoon vs Distort Won {5-0}
They disbanded when RonnieGod pulled the 1v2 on them.
Typhoon vs Rebels Won {5-4}
We pulled the 2v3 in the final round.
Typhoon vs Rasclarts Lost {4-5}
Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war ~
Typhoon vs Sinister Lost {4-5}
Pretty good clan war, died to a randy in the final round
Typhoon vs Rebels Won {5-4}
We pulled it back from 1-4 down... Godly?
Typhoon vs Vion Won {5-2}
Dank pvp.
Typhoon vs Lycaon Won {5-0}
Their player (Symmer) disguised every game and played as an alt without them knowing so we had to DQ them.
Typhoon vs Triumph Won {5-1}
Momo got an ace!
Typhoon vs Pegasus Won {5-0}
They need to work on their teamwork lol
Typhoon vs Ososlokos Won {5-2}

We pulled 2 nice clutches ^_^
Typhoon vs Lycaon Won {5-0}
They disbanded at 3-0
Typhoon vs Triumph Won {5-1}
They asked for a rematch :p
Typhoon vs Intrepid Won {5-2}
Very sexy 2v3 by Ronnie and Rysmy1 after Ant died:

Typhoon vs Emperors Lost {1-5}
We got f*cked
Typhoon vs Ismerize Won {5-0}
We steamrolled!
Typhoon vs Rasclarts Lost {4-5}
Used alts and ghost kill..........................
Typhoon vs RektLife Won {5-0}
Alters : D
Typhoon vs Mockingbirds Won {5-3}
Never fight this stupid Turkish Clan
Typhoon vs Athomize Lost {3-5}
We had just merged with a new clan and consequently our teamwork & trial members let us down
Typhoon vs NoCry Won {3-0}
Epic 6v6s!
Typhoon vs Vector Won {5-4}
THE COMEBACK OF DREAMS! 0-4 down to 5-4 GG!
Typhoon vs Athomize (Rematch) Won {3-1}
This was a 6v6 battle for the Lightless Clan Tournament
Typhoon vs Lightless Won {5-3}
GG Jdennis New Clan :D
Typhoon vs RebornEU Won {5-0}
They were reborn into a world of pain
Typhoon vs Vion Won [3-1}
Typhoon vs Radical Won {5-4}
SICK Clan war but sadly Ganden results to calling us out for alts lmao
Typhoon vs Ismerize Won {3-2}
Semi finals match of Bayerz's Clan Tournament
Typhoon vs Reborned Won {5-1}
Typhoon vs Lightless Won {5-0}
We won the Lightless Clan Tournament!!!!!!!!
Typhoon vs Ismerize Won [5-2}
Keep going Ismerize
Typhoon vs Devastation Won {5-1}
Jdennis Clan too strong!
Typhoon vs Rasclarts Lost {4-5}
They ddos and hack do not fight them they are not fair!
Typhoon vs Assault Won {5-1}
Nice clan war, Chazzaa and Profyle joined and targeted our players off corn in an attempt to sabotage us (and they wonder why the community hates them XD)
Typhoon vs Galican Won {5-2}
Annoying clan war, they complained a lot
Typhoon vs Ismerize Won {5-1}
Good pvp, played our new member Cide!
Typhoon vs Extremeforce Won {5-0}
Nice clan war, but we are too good for spain<3
Typhoon vs Rasclarts Won {5-3}
They tried their best!
Typhoon vs Athomize Lost {3-5}
:( We got unlucky in a few rounds
Typhoon vs Predation Lost {1-5}
Stupid clan war lol, members were leading it and didn't care if they won or lost
Typhoon vs Symphony Won {5-4}
When we won the final round they said it was a DQ and that they had won lol (Idiot clan)
Typhoon vs Conexus Won {5-4}
Good pvp war against Battey's Clan!
Typhoon vs StrongArmy Won {5-4}
In the final round their leader 100% hacked on us LOL (we still won)
Typhoon vs Rebels Won {5-0}
Typhoon vs Purge Won {5-1}
We are greatly improving on our 5v5s+ :D
Typhoon vs Mys Won {5-3}
Sweet PVP
Typhoon vs Solitude Won {5-2}
Suck it midcity
Typhoon vs Raven Won {5-4}
Keep going young Attackzz
Typhoon vs WarGodz Won {3-0}
First Round of EUCWS Season 2
Typhoon vs Vision Won {3-2}
Second Round of EUCWS Season 2 - Epic Battle!
Typhoon vs Emperors Won {4-3}
Typhoon vs Inpirets Won {5-4}
nice pvp
Typhoon vs Game Enders Won {5-0}
Get steamrolled Turks
Typhoon vs Divergent {5-2}
The most dumb Turkish clan out there, do not fight them
Typhoon vs Inpirets Won {5-0}
gg sirfilip we enjoyed your hits
Typhoon vs Symphony Won {5-3}

Sweet symphony
Typhoon vs StrongArmy Won {5-0}
Not so strong
Typhoon vs Vector Won {5-2}
Sawk came and carried us against his Ita fanboys
Typhoon vs Ismerize Lost {3-5}
Typhoon vs Insurgent Won {5-3}
BurakEmreTR with a 1v2!
Typhoon vs Trivium Lost {2-5}
Typhoon played without Ronnie so it was an inevitable loss!
Typhoon vs Inpirets Won {5-2}
Silly swedes
Typhoon vs ExtremeForce Won {3-2}
Typhoon vs Insurgent Won {5-2}
Our final battle~
Typhoon vs Xenos Won {3-0}
First round of a US tournament!
Typhoon vs Desolate Won {3-0}
Absoloutely trashed Kranzo in the US clan tournament GG

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Jan 5, 2014
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faze up
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Dec 23, 2014
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Name: Andrea
Age: 13
In Game Name: CrazyAndrea18
Statistics: 140/2600+
Nationality: Italy
Skype: I have, wrathy, ronnie, ellen, greeny, ant and sawk but if you need is lol.andrea_18
Why would want to join Typhoon: There is some people I know and I think this clan is really stronger C:
Anything Extra We Should Know (Optional) : RonnieBond123 is Huahwi and I can create grapichs for the clan
You have been declined because some members of the clan do not feel you would fit in ;_;
But if you wanna be cheerleader and still make us some graphics that would be nice;)


Sep 6, 2013
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Chairlader pl0x
p.S : Kill SwagPlayzmC 4 me
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