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Should VIP be seperate from YouTube/Mapmaker

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Jun 24, 2014
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After last night on the server in hub 8 for a good hour an a half all that was talked about was that VIP should be separated. As in a YouTuber should have a different rank than a mapmaker. This was brought up mainly by "TheCreeperFarts", and some people agreed and disagreed.

So after this I decided to make a forum post so people can talk about it here. I will be leaving my thoughts and suggestions as well and I want to hear yours. So obviously it's hard for MCSG to make new ranks because they are in-fact running out of colors to be used. They're also I've heard, bringing back the friend system. So therefore pink is out of the water.

That was really the only thing admins were saying would be the problem, some admins were even saying there's no point but some people think differently saying there's too many VIP, and you can never know if they're a mapmaker or YouTuber.

I think I may have a good solution to this problem. So the people complaining about VIP and the moderator saying it can't be done. So here's how it can be done, hopefully anyways. I think VIP should have parentheses to the left of their name in-game saying something like this for example, "(YT) TheCreeperFarts", and if they're a map maker, "(Builder) GalaxyplaysMC". These are just my suggestions and obviously they can be modified if they were implemented.

It obviously does not have to be abbreviated but I just think abbreviated would probably look nicer. With all this being said I think this would be a great thing to implement just because even I myself get confused on how they earned VIP. Because when I see a VIP player that I never heard before I'd like to know out of curiosity how he earned it.

Also, by adding this to the server you can keep the color purple for VIP. These are just my thoughts after the huge conversation in hub 8 last night. I'd like to hear your thoughts/suggestions if you have any in the post so please leave replies/suggestions! Also, I'd like a staff member to reply to this to let me know if there would be any cons to this system.

If I did put this in the wrong forum category, could it please be moved? I searched and picked which one I thought it would best fit in.


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May 28, 2013
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Moved to the appropriate section of the forums.


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May 31, 2013
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This concern has already been dealt with on another thread. I will edit this post with a lengthy reply shortly. Thread locked.
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