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Should this be added to the MCSG servers?

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May 24, 2012
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DOWNLOAD (Updated: February 22, 2015): http://www.mediafire.com/download/soa5i9u09xfptuw/SH_lag_fix.zip

*Please do not distribute or use for personal interest without direct consent from me or
cadbane. You can PM us on these forums for permission.
*(You spawn in the middle of a superflat world. Fly to the coords x=0,z=0 to get to the map.)

Name Of Map:
Shady Hollow

Lead Builders: SuperxAndrew & cadbane4321

Minor Builders:
YelloDawg39 (ultimate building cheerleader)
LoudNinja2xx123 (them cars tho)
xCrayfish (those details)
mfungamer (redstone genius)
themastern00b (randomly joined the server that one time and looked at the map)
ALL1DO1sW1N1329 (opinions/changes he made helped a lot!!!)

Game Type: Survival Games

Description Of The Map: Shady Hollow is a small town that lies at the bottom of a river valley. Secluded by the mountains that surround it, the only way out is through long dark tunnels at each end of the town or by train at the station.

Specific Information:
~215 block radius
~there are approximately 250 chests
~there is a lot of flat area for pvp
~there are over 10 different buildings
~there are over 5 different types of vehicles
~there are many traps, secrets, and puzzles
~Street Lamps that activate during the night and turn off during the day

Planet Minecraft Page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/shady-hollow--minecraft-survival-games-map/


View of the river with the loading dock and construction site visible in the background.

View of the cornucopia with the fountain and festive streamers visible.

View of the bank. This building has many secrets to be discovered! :)

Outside view of the train station.

Inside view of most of the train station.

Overhead view of the construction site.

Side view of the church. The mansion is visible in the background.

Street view of the apartment building (first on the left), the convenience store (farthest on the left), an office building (first on the right), and the renovated building (farthest on the right).

View of the river going under the natural arch.

View of the "gateway" to Shady Hollow. Office buildings on the bottom right.

Pictures w/out shaders: http://imgur.com/a/IJcut
Overhead Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/JXfQk

Cords Of Corn: The cornucopia is at x=0,z=0
*There is not a deathmatch arena.

We, SuperxAndrew and cadbane4321 agree and accept that by submitting this map to the MCGamer Network for consideration it may be altered by the staff of MCGamer at any time in order to make gameplay changes. Also, by accepting this we understand that any violation of the map guidelines such as, but not limited to OP items being placed, may result in the immediate removal of our map and or any associated given ranks (VIP) from our servers. The MCGamer staff have full rights to decide whether or not the map in question is applied to or remains on the server network and the status of the map is subject to change at any time.

5/19/14 --> We finalized chests and small details. We made a driveway up to the mansion. We out the map up for download!!
5/27/14 --> See post #121 on page 11 of this thread.
5/30/14 --> See post #129 on page 11 of this thread.
6/14/14 --> Updated Download link because we changed very small details to maximize gameplay and aesthetic efficiency.
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Damien // Teepwn

I prefer Zone 85 over this, but this still looks really sexy. I hope it does well. c:


Sep 22, 2013
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This looks insane, Reminds me of SG4 in a way but I totally think this deserves a place on the MCGAMER servers <3

EDIT: Add some pictures without shaders aswell because It can make a huge difference of what it looks like and someone will ask for this later on anyway :D

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