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Lemonz87's MCSG Story V2

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Apr 2, 2013
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Haley's MCSG Story
A Wild Ride

My story at this point is still not over, and one day I will write Act 4 to complete my journey. But for now, I have split up my nearly two years in this community into three parts that I wish to share with you all today. I have left out very few details, mostly personal relationships, simply for privacy reasons; everything else in this story is true and elaborated on as much as I felt necessary to bring you on my journey alongside myself. The story is divided into Three Acts:
Act 1: An Introduction, A Red Name, & EU22
Act 2: Clans, Helping & Hurting, & I Say Goodbye
Act 3: Pulling It Together, Par 72, & Giving Back

At the end of every act are a series of what I deem to be my most important memories that I captured in screenshots!

I hope you all enjoy this wild ride and feel free to leave any questions or comments once you complete the journey of reading!

-=ACT 1: An Introduction, A Red Name, & EU22=-
The beginning of my Story can be found here: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/my-mcsg-story.53440/, a thread I wrote a very long time ago. A more modern version has been rewritten below if you would prefer to read this version; I suggest this one.

December 15, 2012: I sat bored out of my mind, tired after a long exhilarating day on the slopes of Vail, Colorado on my family’s annual ski trip. Alongside me on the couch laid my three cousins. Together we sat staring at the wall in front of us being warmed by the fire as we thawed from the -4 degree weather outside. That is when my oldest cousin, who is two years younger than myself, pulled out his mother’s laptop and opened up this game called Minecraft; something that I had never in my life heard of. I watched him play for hours as he ran around a Survival World building houses that at the time seemed brilliant and huge. For me, a young 15 year old girl, the game was mesmerizing, especially the building aspect. I went home after the ski trip and immediately purchased the game for myself with the account name Lemonz87.

I got my name by pulling in two main aspects of my life and combining them together. My best friend at the time, Abbie, and I had code names for everyone so that we were able to talk about them in public. We also had code words for everyday common expressions such as “Hello” and “How are you?” but everyone’s names were coded by names of fruit. My code name for example, had always been… can you guess it? Yeah, it was Lemon. *Mind Blown* The 87 at my name comes from the number of Sidney Crosby, a famous hockey player still playing for my favorite hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Anyone in my time here who has been able to recognize this in game has immediately become one of my favorite people in the community.

After my purchase of the game I hopped onto a survival world and ran around until I was killed by mobs day after day, but since I was unsure of how to do anything else in the game, I quickly grew bored of it and didn’t play for months. Then I came across a YouTuber by the name of, Joey Graceffa (Go ahead, slap me!) My friend Allison and I would watch the vlogs off his main channel every day and sat on YouTube refreshing the page anxiously awaiting a new video to arrive every morning. It was during one of these waiting sessions that I came across a “Suggested Video” that was from Joey’s gaming channel. It was called “Minecraft Survival Games” and I clicked on it immediately. Then I started to learn from the master. (Yes, that was meant to be sarcastic.)

After watching for weeks, I finally caught a glimpse of the server IP for MCSG (at the time there was no Hub system) and Joey was playing on EU12. I didn’t even know that US existed. I opened up Minecraft for the first time in months and connected to MCSG for the first time. (Back then it was called MCSG, not MCGamer; the reason for titling this “My MCSG Story.” In my heart this server will always be MCSG)

I didn’t even know how to sprint jump… I believe that alone describes my insane amount of Noob as I hunted for my first win. The sight of gaining one single diamond in a game brought a huge smile to my face as I dreamed of crafting a diamond sword for the first time. Thankfully for me, at the time, everyone else in MCSG that I encountered were also Nubs who didn’t know what they were doing. After hundreds of games, I finally earned my first win on Breeze Island. (Back in the day, the only maps we played were Breeze Island & SG4.)

Every time that I joined a server from the MCSG website, I would go into the lobby with my green name and beg for randy teams. “Team in cake room!!!!” I can’t even describe the insane amount of times that I typed those words in chat. Every once in a while I would gain some teammates and off we would go, attempting to win but simply dying time and time again. I never teamed with the same person more than once; once we died, we would go our separate ways to seek out new nub teammates. That is when… I came across the server EU22. One day while playing on this server, I came across a hacker: My first hacker, and I was so incredibly angry at him for killing me with aimbot that I teamed with other people in the game by the names of enderking79 & @Kingofthewaffle to take down the hacker when the server restarted.

Parker and Ameer were their names, for the sake of simplicity, and once we killed the hacker in the next round they asked me for my Skype so that we could all team together when we were all online; and I said, yes! I made a Skype and joined a call with what I thought would just be Parker and Ameer, but as it turned out they had a team of about 13 people that would grow to be known as the EU22ers who only played in this server over and over again; taking on anyone who came our way. This call is where I meant many important people in my journey, including the most important who is still in my life to this day that I sit here writing this story, Shawn. His account at the time was killerkons which eventually became perm-banned from the server. However, he is the most important person in my life to this day.

Then there were the rest of the EU22ers, tttt9er, TrackieT, FRUITSNACKS12, Rising_Spirit, Brycealex, JasonDeBaxter, MahxiXBL, Zehoyya22, Draco_Inferus, Cupcake144, Hailey_Fadden, Mickeylag: Lets just say that we were quite the team…

I spent the next month playing EU22 non stop, and just as I was about to hit 200 wins, I came across my first moderator on the server; PhiIIy67 who gave me the idea to become a moderator myself. I was never truly serious about applying until I came across my second hacker on the server and he killed our entire EU22 team. The next day, I opened up the “Help Wanted” thread on the MCSG Forums.

Mickey and I talked about applying for moderator almost every day and I never took it seriously until one day Mickey decided to send in his application. It was around this time where I met EdtheG & Builda_Br3tt who I began to Skype with and become very good friends. With the crazy support from these two, I was able to formulate a Moderator Application and send it in on June 28, 2013; only a few short months after joining the forums on April 2, 2013. I was pushed to pending by slasherxtreme and to interview by Antster360. I received Moderator rank for the first time ever on July 12, 2013, shortly after returning from my Fourth of July trip to Maine with my family.

Through my first months as a moderator I spent all of my free time on the servers tryharding hackers and trying my best to clear MCSG for everyone else while also discovering the joys of TeamSpeak for the first time. Throughout my moderator months I spent hours a day on SixZoSeven ’s PvP server, where I was also a Moderator with these beautiful people who shaped my beginning time as a moderator: Adragonfire9, Aeruner, AkFortySeven12, DQIX1, Jess123259, MattMazin_, MKFarrell, Mman1234fcn831 (AquaTechMC), ChandelleMC, Sayf, SumBoDeee, TheTrisaratops, XNexer, yingyang01, levi_the_potato.

Throughout my time as a moderator, for the first time, I got to know Fisheer & NoahSailer who helped me tremendously with my PvPing skills. Thanks to them I learned what a fishing rod and flint and steel were. I spent an immense amount of time with these two crazies singing country music as Noah chased down Gravey4rd for the #1 spot on the MCSG leaderboards, and I was there when it happened. It was late at night when Noah became #1 for the first time. We were playing on SG4, myself, Noah, and Fisheer, as we had been tryharding all throughout the day. Sixzoseven hopped into the server to record the moment as the lobby was completely full of spectators and Noah killed me to gain his earned title as as #1.

My status as I come to a close in Act 1: 341 wins, 1997 games played, 3166 kills, spending 1w5d14h49m49s playing MCSG

-=Act 1: Screenshots=-

My first ever bounty; by NoahSailer the game after he became #1 in the 120 server right before Fisheer killed me for the points and I got very upset.

Sixzoseven's PvP Server; the wall of Staff.

My first ever Minecraft Skin in the old MCSG lobby.

Because it's cute.

It's Liz and Michael and I love this screenshot.

The old staff room when the hub system began and I finally got my chance to be on the horse.


It's Mickey in the old Staff Room!

When kpwn failed with World Edit and Doors were everywhere!

-=Act 2: Clans, Helping & Hurting, I Say Goodbye=-
October 21, 2013. My first resignation: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/its-time-my-resignation.64526/

After four months as a staff member I decided that my time was best to be over with a red name and I wrote a short resignation letter to end off my time as staff.

The main unspoken reason for my resignation was because of my want to try out MCSG Clans and at the time moderators were not allowed into clans due to drama and staff abusing powers during clan battles and such. The first clan I joined, I believe was Omega due to the fact that I had fought @Defresa earlier in the day and beaten him while he was recording for a milestone win in a deathmatch 1v1. I was accepted into the clan and met and made my first ever clan friends. Shortly after my joining of this clan, I was convinced to leave and join Aviate instead. Aviate to this day has been my favorite clan that I have taken part in with many laughs and many friendships. Sadly, the clan came to an end quickly and I decided to branch off and try to make my own clan.

On my second try, with the clan Deception, co-run with my friend Binct , I made an everlasting friendship and many everlasting enemies. The clan days were tough and I was not ready to be a leader- In the clan section of MCSG, I am much better served as a simple member. Although I must say, we did 3-0 the one and only clan battle I led! However, Binct got banned for hacking and I decided to disband the clan and search for a new clan to join. For a short time I rejoined Aviate in an Aviate v2 run but soon after decided to apply for Titans. I was put on Trial for Titans and was accepted only to watch the clan disband shortly after. Hench ended my time with clans on MCSG.

Every once in a while I consider joining a clan again… and who knows… maybe one day I will choose to try it all again. Here is a list of people who made my clan experience and overall MCSG experience at this time all the much better: xstephaniemmx,, Killaboy11, ZniZ97, marinanycole, Reven86, Andy, CruelDefiance, Nebulousity, TehSteelFlexer, LittleRawr_, Myles, VitalityBeast, Giggity69Goo, subv3rsion, shoottomaim, KimmieFizzy, Joshkey, Frondome, Zietra, pKTran, TopBandit, Auroraty|Kristie darklum3n, Celine | Sphaera, Lovelywishes, Mr_Gears, X_LiQuid_WatEr_X, Nellie_San, K259864, _nicole14, Ocean43, Slayeer, rhysSH1

So six days after my resignation … I reapplied as mods were allowed back into clans. October 27, 2013. After becoming great friends with a Sr. Mod at the time, CAmadeusA , I was convinced to reapply by him and Six which led me to write a brand new application and be pushed to interview only a few hours after my application was posted by Six. I was then interviewed by Tacoface1234, TPH_Toxin, KellieBreanne, Joshkey, and sixzoseven, and accepted as staff for a second time on November 26, 2013.

During Christmas break, once I got my red name once again, I decided that I should try being free from MCSG and the internet in general so I took a short few month break alongside this thread: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/thank-you-and-cyall-later.69489/

At this time in the MCSG staff team, a lot of problems were occurring so the Sr. Staff send out a questionnaire for the moderators to fill out asking their opinions on many different aspects of the community. I remember at this time I was speaking to many people who were very unhappy with the MCSG staff in general, including many who were included in the staff team such as myself; therefore I took it upon myself to write down the thoughts and ideas of everyone in one long letter addressing the Sr. Staff. When I read over the letter now I realize how strongly worded it is and how rude it could be seen as. It is for this reason that I strongly apologize to all of those who were offended by these words. However, many of the problems that were sent in the letter were addressed, changed, and fixed. So I guess you could say that it was worth almost being demoted for. If I was to do it again today, I would take a different path to try and change the community for the better.

After the letter my relationships with all of the Sr. Staff were heavily damaged to the point where I thought that I would not be able to rebuild them. Yet, and opportunity arose, and I took it happily. But we will get there soon!

In between the time of Christmas and Act 3, I met another one of my best friends, and I simply must include this crazy incident. I now must talk about the MCSG Survival Factions Server. I was a survival nub before the MCSG factions server came around. It looked like a fun idea but I had no idea what I was doing and therefore needed a teacher. This is the time that myself and stephaniemarie27 became incredibly close. She invited me into her faction with K2 & tpemrickjr to try hard the life out of the server. Alongside our allies, Gears, TehSteelFlexer, and Huahwi , we no lifed the factions server and could always be found tryharding to the absolute max.

Stephanie and I got angry with the boys and decided to go about a faction (#NoBoysAllowed) on our own and attempt to become the most powerful that we could be. We spent hours farming XP and running around invisible in the War Zone killing numerous amounts of people; then raging off when we got raided and continuing to build a new base. It was nearing the end of this time when I met Tal_Pal on MCSG Teamspeak. After coming into contact with his quiet personality, I thought for certain that him and Stephanie would be perfect for eachother. It is for this reason that I introduced the two and began #Tephanie. They have been together 10 months and counting as of this day.

Sadly, the MCSG Factions server shut down due to intense flame and arguments between members. Left with nothing fun to do, I was invited to join a server known as MineParty and help them build. Since this is not MCSG related, I will cut this part of my Minecraft story short. I helped the server prepare for large scale Minecraft events by building for the first time ever in Minecraft. I tried my hardest to help and soon became an Admin and Head Builder. The stress and work was a little nerve wrecking but none the less, this is where I taught myself how to build in Minecraft.

Shortly after the mega builds we completed on the server, the other Sr Staff members of MineParty began to argue and become something that I did not want to be involved with. Quickly I left the group and was invited to help build an MCSG Map to occupy my newfound free time. The map was called Dracarys, being built by Team Elite and headed by LadyOfLove (Shelby.) It was here that I fixed my relationship with Dave and was invited to join Team Elite in order to help Shelby try hard finish the map before a certain deadline. Shelby outlined tons of buildings in red wool and I built for three days straight, always begging her for more things to do. Shortly after the completion of this map alongside its acceptance to MCSG, I had a falling out with some Sr Staff members and decided it best to leave the staff team for what seemed to me as once and for all.

A month of two before my Junior year came around, I resigned for a second time, the thread can be found here: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/my-resignation-lemonz87.119332/ but summarized below.

I resigned for three reasons:
  1. I did not feel comfortable with my Staff position anymore.
  2. I was getting constant harassment due to Huahwi leaving the community. (He disappeared for those of you who don’t remember the circus)
  3. School was beginning again and I thought it best to leave the community seemingly for good.
So shortly after reaching my one year Modiversary, I dropped the red name on my Lemonz87 account for the final time. To my surprise, I was awarded VIP on my account for my work on Dracarys!

As a staff member on MCSG I completed almost everything I set out to do: Here was my MCSG Staff Checklist

[/] Become Moderator
[ ] Become Sr Moderator
[/] 100 Staff actions
[/] 500 Staff actions
[/] 1000 Staff actions
[/] Upload 10 hacker videos
[/] Upload 50 hacker videos
[/] Upload 100 hacker videos
[/] Complete 100 Report Abuses
[/] 6 Months
[/] One Year

The only thing that I was not successful in was reaching Sr. Staff. Nevertheless, I am incredibly happy with everything that I learned and accomplished throughout my time as a red name in the community.

On September 20, 2014, I decided that my time at MCSG was over. I completed my Goodbye Thread and was ready to drop the community and move on with my life: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/signing-off-for-the-last-time-lemonz87.137629/

However, I had begun YouTube. April 14, 2014 I posted my first public video on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lemonz87MC This was the only thing still keeping me in the community.

Throughout my time in MCSG I have gone through many events that have changed my life both for the worse and for the better, including the suicide of a close friend of mine that MCSG and the friends I had made helped me get through tremendously. I could not thank everyone in the community enough for the life changing experiences that I had gone through and my YouTube, to me, was a way to give back to the community that had helped me grow so much as a person and change my outlook on life. YouTube is what kept me in even after I had decided to go out.

I would have left the gaming community altogether if it wasn’t for my best friend. I spoke about him in the very beginning of this story; Shawn. He was with me the throughout my entire MCSG experience and when it came time for me to consider quitting, I realized that I would never be able to leave him. Shawn is the most amazing person that I have ever met and I have spent some obscene amount of time talking to him. He knows everything about be and I know more about him than I ever thought I would know about anyone. He has seen me at my best and the only person in this is world who has seen me and stuck with me through my worst days and nights. I will never be able to thank him enough for everything that he has done for me. Although we don’t spend time in the MCSG community together anymore due to his ban, I have turned to other games alongside him and he keeps me going when things get bad.

So even after my public announcement of leaving, which in my mind I believed to be my final goodbye, I stayed. I’m not done yet.

As we come to the end of Act 2 in this story; here I am: The checklist included in my Goodbye Thread:

[/] 1000 Staff actions
[/] Upload 100 hacker video
[/] Complete 100 Report Abuses
[/] One Year as Staff
[/] Green Name "Grass Donor"
[/] Silver Name "Iron Donor"
[/] Red Name "Moderator"
[/] Pink Name "Friend Rank"
[/] Purple Name "VIP Rank"
[/] 1000 MCSG Wins
[/] 1/5 Ratio
[/] 1k Subs on YouTube
[/] 250 Twitch.tv Followers
[/] Help Build an MCSG Map "Dracarys”
[/] Submit a Map to MCSG "Par 72"
[/] Make it onto a build team "Team Elite"
[/] 250 Forum Posts
[/] 100 Forum Followers
[/] Two years in the community

In that thread as well, I included a list of the most important lessons I have ever learned from the MCSG community. I would like to include these here as well once again:

The Most Important Life Lessons MCSG Has Taught Me
  1. Trust is something that is built between two people, and when it is true, it is beautiful.

  2. Online friends are just as good as and sometimes even better than irl friends.

  3. Age is only a number; it’s personality that really counts.

  4. Give everybody a chance; don’t let what you have heard about them form your opinions on that person.

  5. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it seems like you are going against everyone else.

  6. Be the friend that you wish you had.

  7. Take advantage of every opportunity you are given.

  8. Make time for the things that really matter.
-=Act 2: Screenshots=-

A screenshot at the entrance of the old Staff Island before I resigned.

#Twinning with Huahwi with Negative Points

Becuause his Christmas skin was so cute last year xD

A dramatic photo of Liz in her Unicorn skin!

The all yellow leather challenge on Valleyside when it first came out!

My Christmas skin last year on Roxbot with Brycealex :p

My acceptance to Titans by Zeno in the Hub while I sat in the old staff room!

Me and Stephanie on the Survival Factions Server getting over Steph's past relationship!

Inside our factions base before we ditched the guys :p

Stephanie and mine's factions base :p

Building a sky base!

Messing around on MineParty with player heads :p

My first impressive build in Minecraft on the MineParty server!

Hiding with Liz in TSG2

The MCSG Creative Server putting my heads in Liz's body!

An inside view of the previous picture!

When Liz messed up her skin and had a birthmark for a few months! lol

When Huahwi thought no one screenshotted his skin at MineBreak! xD

My first time defeating the Ender Dragon

We had a 24 hour contest to see who could be the most successful on survival! I WON

Liz and I inside a club we build for MineParty

When I was tryharding to 1000 wins with Liz!

Liz staring down at me with her new skin!

A house I made in my first ever UHC

Huahwi attempting to build on the creative server xD

The MCSG Creative Server!

My first ever build on Minecraft!

Liz, Myself, and Steph!

My version of the Frozen Castle!​

My submission to Team Elite in order to help build Dracarys!

The Buildings I created on Dracarys

Air view :D

-=Act 3: Pulling It Together, Par 72, & Giving Back=-
My decision to quit came directly after the completion of what I must call my greatest feat in my time at MCSG. This of course, is my map, Par 72. At a time in my life where everything seemed stressful, I came to the decision alongside my friends Steph, Tal, Hoodrix__ (Evan), AttackDog91 , & Liz to build a map. This map took a total of 102 hours of work from myself alone to complete. Every building on the map I designed and laid out myself, including every other feature of the map. Since the idea was mine, I was in charge of everything; and it was done quickly and efficiently.

Never before had I terraformed, and I made many mistakes throughout the process which led to the very simple landforms that occur on the map. The buildings are few and far between simply because I hate maps where I get trapped in buildings. I took everything that I loved about the maps on MCSG and placed them all together in hopes of creating something amazing. I made the map public by posting it on the forums on August 1, 2014. http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/par-72.124929/

After earning VIP for Dracarys, I didn’t want to be known as a VIP who got their purple name by working off of someone else. I wanted to be known for something that people loved. And hopefully, with the acceptance of my map on November 11, 2014 by LadyofLove three months after it was posted on the forums by myself.

Since the map’s acceptance I have been asked to be part of many more build projects and have said both yes and no to many of them. The future will bring about some amazing new times and amazing new builds. This is something that I am incredibly excited for.

A part of my experience here that I have not elaborated on very much so far is my time spent invested in making videos. Like I mentioned earlier, I began my YouTube in April of last year (2014) and have since posted 42 Minecraft Survival Games Episodes as well as 6 Build Contest Videos and various other specials including my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video. Throughout these on and off months of posting videos I have reached over 100k total video views with a subscriber count of 4.9k! I get comments on my videos all the time about how my videos have helped people through a bad time in their life or through certain situations and it is this amazing feedback and the feeling of helping other people that is keeping me going to this day. Bringing a smile to other people’s faces even in a time of struggle for myself is enough to brighten my day.

As I sat at home one day, considering all of the things that I so far had accomplished and failed at in the MCSG community. Whenever I looked back on my past experiences, I regretted the way that I ended off my time as a staff member; which led me to go back. However, I couldn’t go back under my Lemonz87 account due to the harassment that I did not wish to receive. I then created the account iHotMess and applied for Mod for the third time on November 9, 2014. I was accepted shortly after on November 16, 2014. My interview included Chandelle, Cam, DracoHD , KitMencha , Jodimo , Shelby, and AlpakaWhacker . I had the most hilarious interview as we talked about getting drunk and dealing with all of our crazy friends. I was accepted but I never did any moderator duties. I didn’t feel right being a staff member again and shortly after I decided to resign and just go back to being a VIP.

Since then I have been running around building a little bit, making videos on my channel and focusing on making it better as well as dealing with school and college visits. In my free time I edit videos, talk to those who make me happiest, play Counter Strike: Global Offensive & DayZ.

Although my Act 3 is coming to a close; Act 4 and who knows how many more are awaiting me in the future. I could not be more excited to continue my adventures here with my closest friends: Shawn, Stephanie, Talon James, Liz, Ian, Noah, Evan, Garry, and maybe even some new close friends in the future!

I can not thank you all enough for the amazing journey you have helped me through so far. The ups and downs have left me at my highest and my lowest. This journey had been unforgettable and will forever shape me the rest of my life.

Some people who made Act 3 amazing: KorriPocky, Hoodrix__, GoldEllipse, PoisonousApple, Zypes, CreeperFarts, Huahwi, stephaniemarie27, Tal_Pal, MegaMiniBaller, PartyAnimalMC, PROxNIGGLES_25, KvnPlays, AttackDog91, EricParazak, SixZoSeven, Roluxe, Shawn, PhiIIy, Noah

-=Act 3: Screenshots=-

Par 72 in the beginning :p

Zypes and Ak attacking my sheep in the hub :_:

Par 72... Progress

Zypes and his twin

Par 72... DONE

Par 72... The Main Area...

During one of my livestreams :p

My first win on Par 72 :p

Sitting in the hub with everyone :D

People tower in the hub!

On Blockparty with Shawn because this picture is adorable!

-=MCGamer Awards=-

MCGamer Awards (4th Official)

MCGamer Awards (5th Official)

If you made it through some or all of this thread I want to congratulate you! Thank you for reading!

There will probably be a few edits made to this story as I read over and remember new events! This journey has been amazing so far and I can't thank you all enough for helping me along the way!


Axel | PlazaGames

I red it2, i think it is an amazing story and i miss u as mod.. u were amazing Lemonz87 <3


May 12, 2013
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Of course I read the whole thing, I would be crazy not to!

You are awesome Haley. You have done so much within this community, and out, and in general your life in a span of two years.

#NoBoysAllowed #Fish #BlameTal Starbucks is love, Starbucks is life <3


Aug 20, 2012
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Wow! That's quite the read! It's interesting to know how people came about, for example I never would have guessed that Joey Graceffa brought you here, for one of his fans you caught on to MCSG pretty quick cx

We've talked a few times in different places, mostly on the MCSG TS or through Zypes, but you're a pretty chill person and we should get around to talking more ahaha. I remember Sixzo's server, I played on the FFA there all the time with clanmates of mine, funny enough it was around that time we had what we considered an "epic clan battle" with Aviate. We basically got 3-1'd, and the only reason we won a round is because half of their team timed out, although we counted it because we lost a couple of people too, it was some kind of weird server error (my goodness our clan was awful). It was that time I also met and started talking to Andy, Eddie, Jess, and Shawn occasionally, and ended up running a small clan with Jess later.

. . .December 15, 2012: I sat bored out of my mind, tired after a long exhilarating day on the slopes of Vail, Colorado. . .
That was my 13th birthday ;3


Apr 5, 2014
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Wow :eek:

I always find reading peoples experiences at MCGamer amazing, mainly because mine is boring in comparison! xD


District 13
Mar 31, 2014
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Holy crap. You could write a novel and I would read it. Good story! :)


Mar 19, 2014
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awesome thread lemonz! :D
great story and neat screenshots
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