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Jul 22, 2019
Jul 22, 2012
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Peacekeeper, Male

Decided to play a game for the first time in a while; played on Inertia, took out a team of 3 solo, achieved full diamond, solo. Okay then. May 30, 2015

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Jul 22, 2019
    1. SixZoSeven
      Hey man, you still owe me $24 for that NodusPremium account I got you.
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    2. Ceroria
      I contacted an admin about fixing your rank, since you mentioned it about 8 months ago but it seems nobody realized. Hopefully it'll be updated soon.
    3. BedIntruder
      pretty sad you didn't get platinum since you had friend rank
    4. G33ke
      Decided to play a game for the first time in a while; played on Inertia, took out a team of 3 solo, achieved full diamond, solo. Okay then.
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      3. smashmaster
        May 30, 2015
      4. Mamiamato24
        I remember when getting full diamond pretty much required everyone in the game to be in one call and working together, and they would get each tier 2 in the map after both refills, and even then there was a high chance you wouldn't have enough diamonds.
        Jul 3, 2015
      5. Ceroria
        Jul 3, 2015
    5. G33ke
      Looking back at old posts, it really is interesting to see how I changed directly following my first staff application acceptance here.
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      2. G33ke
        I used to be active in another community before I ever applied for staff here. Post history from both forums suggests I became increasingly less active on the other after staff application acceptance as well. I have to wonder how things would have gone had an old friend never encouraged me to become staff here...because I'm not certain I would have stuck around as long as I did.
        May 4, 2015
      3. Fox
        I very much grasp what you're feeling. Definitely looking back at my first posts is embarrassing, from (a) having the worst grammar ever, (b) the quality of my posts being crap, to (c) my posts now being long, dedicated, rich and with proper grammar. I have learned way too much and definitely my position of never applying for Moderator made me strive harder.
        May 18, 2015
      4. Fox
        This was the first community I ever joined, and the first forums I joined also. All my growth and improvement is in here, making this community rather important in my development.

        I definitely stayed for longer than I thought, and from time to time I come in here —since I still enjoy sharing my experience and opinion here.
        May 18, 2015
    6. smashmaster
      OMG ITS G33ke! I thought you quit...
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      2. Yannick
        well you thought wrong.. 2x
        May 30, 2015
    7. Yin
      Still my favourite forums poster.
    8. Miner9823
      I certainly did enjoy the read from your most recent post. Welcome back, G33ke. :)
    9. zoplik90
      Are you going to stay at 1k post forever? Wait, don't answer that.
    10. HTrain
      Just fought you on Badlion. Not sure if you were accusing me of macroing, or just fast hotkeying. xD Anyway, good fight. You kind of wrecked me.
    11. smashmaster
      Wait G33ke, I thought you quit
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    12. ThatProformenceDoe
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